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"By James S. Douglas."

"JEROME, Jan. 12. --- (Special) --- While I was superintendent of the Moctezuma Copper company at Nacozari, Jack Martin, who had been mine foreman at Congress for Frank Murphy, and was at this time scouting around for Mr. Mose Hazeltine, instigated by the advice of Major Andrew Jackson Pickrell, wrote to me and told me about the Hull Copper Company and the Cleopatra Copper Company, both of which were in a very much financially tangled condition."

"He stated that Mr. Hazeltine had an option from Mr. Hull on a majority of the stock, and after the usual delays at Benson and Maricopa, I arrived at Jerome over the narrow gauge. After the examination of the Dillon tunnel with Mr. Hull, and the so called Pinder stope, and the several crosscuts, after the long walk and climb over caves in the tunnel, we arrived at the connection with the 1888 shaft. This shaft was sunk above the 'bend' and above the United Verde Smelting Works by the Commercial Mining Company and under the direction of Dr. Ricketts in 1891, at which time that company (at present Phelps Dodge Corporation) had an option from Mr. Hull on all his claims surrounding the Clark holdings, including the present U.V.X. claims, at a price of $40,000."

"After my trip through the diggings, a decision was easily reached that there was nothing showing to justify the exercising of the option. In consequence, a short repeat of the examination was made to my father, who was the president of Moctezuma Copper company, and the writer, after talking to Mr. Hazeltine at Prescott, returned to his work in Sonora."

"The geology of Jerome at that time was so mystifying as to be most attractive and interesting, and my recollections were renewed of the many visits there on horseback to Mr. Hull while I was working at the Senator mine, and later on Big Bug, in the early nineties."

"At the time of the above described visit Mr. Hull in his extraordinary optimism had set up the 42-inch water jacket on a level with the mouth of the Dillon tunnel and it still remains on its original site. It is just below the present highway near where the sign describing Jerome as unique is set up."

(Prescott Evening Courier; Wednesday, January 12, 1938; page 8.)

1898: "James Douglas was appointed agent of the Commercial Mining Company of Prescott." (Arizona Republican; Phoenix; February 15, 1898; page 3.)

1901: "Mr. James Douglas has gone from Picacho to Nacosari to take the management of the Moctezuma Copper company." (The Oasis; Arizola, Arizona; June 8, 1901; page 12.)

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