Thu, Dec. 05

Letter: Political courage required for real reform


All the hysterics are starting to wear thin – the gnashing of teeth, wailing, crying and blowing snot all over the area (as my DI was wont to say).

Between the “fake news” and the half-truths (half the truth is still a lie) it is clear that a large number of people are either stupid or deliberately ignorant of the fact that Obamacare is collapsing. Piling on, the left wing media promotes the idea that repeal of the law will be the end of healthcare, totally ignoring the “replace” aspect of the Republican agenda.

To be fair to the Democrats in Congress who allowed themselves to be bullied by Pelosi and Reed, had they demanded transparency and the right to be part of writing the law – rather than “…having to pass it in order to learn what’s in it” – the would probably have never passed it over the objections of 100% of the Republicans office at the time. Why? Because it was clear from the beginning that the ACA was deliberately designed to fail, albeit not as rapidly as planned, in order to open the path to single-payer (socialized) care. Reed bragged to the press it was “an interim” step” to that goal.

“Free” health care is a utopian myth. It doesn’t, and never will, exist anywhere - not in Great Britain, not is Scandinavia, the North or South Poles, anywhere! There are trade-offs for every social program. Clearly, most have positives that outweigh the negatives. A health care safety net is one of them. That doesn’t preclude making it as efficient and non-invasive to our economy as possible. Obamacare is ruinous in cost to the taxpayer, job killing, invasive to the doctor-patient model we cherish, and allows the government to invade our most private matter – our health.

Obamacare was designed without any attempt to mitigate the problems that were driving up the costs of health care – lack of competition in the insurance market, scavenger lawyers driving good doctors out of practice with frivolous lawsuits, FDA regulation dragging out approval of drugs already on the market in other countries, a lack of support for self-funding health savings accounts, etc.

Health care is a complex problem. It doesn’t lend itself to a one-size-fits-all solution. Most Americans have come to that realization – as hard as the left is trying to prevent that from happening. Republicans have, and have had for several years, a couple of good plans to start the process of reform. It’s time for you weepers to dry the eyes, wipe the nose, and give your Democrat representatives the support they require for the political courage to join in real reform. As Mr. Obama himself once opined, “Give change a chance.”

Jim Barber


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