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Verde Heritage 1924: JEROME: New and Valuable Ore Body Opened

A streak of exceptional high grade ore had previously been taken out. Steam shovels discovered the old tunnels and the ore that remained in place.

"The opening of a new ore body has become a matter of common occurrence at the United Verde Copper Company since the steam shovels began to open up the upper levels of the big mine, but it is doubtful if anything opened to date has been so important as the huge body of chalcocite uncovered to the southeast of the big steam shovel cut on the 160-foot level of the mine."

"The ore, which assays around 8% in copper, occurs in a schist formation and the face is more than 125 feet in width so far as exposed to date. It is safe to say that the discovery is of major importance and of great extent. As has been the fact in several other discoveries of new ores since the steam shovel work began, this ore body was opened by the old workings and the ore was 'passed up' as not of sufficient value to warrant extraction."

"The ore lies immediately above one of the raises from the 1000 level of the mine and is being taken out by glory hole methods. It is shot directly into the raise and conveyed to the ore bins on the Hopewell tunnel level."

"IN THE SHOVEL CUT: In the face of the steam shovel cut on the 160 level, much chalcopyrite of high grade is being found, in fact the shovel is now working in commercial ore. One of the peculiar facts about this chalcopyrite body is that there is an old stope immediately in front of the shovel which was filled with gob in the old days, although the walls must have been in ore of what is called high grade today. It is believed that there was a streak of exceptional high grade which was stoped out and the large values on the walls of the stope were allowed to remain in place. This condition has been found in many places elsewhere in the steam shovel workings."

"GREAT TONNAGE: It is impossible to form any estimate of the tonnage in the new discovery to the southeast of the cut, but it is certainly large."

"The steam shovel ores sent to the smelter last year aggregated approximately 300,000 tons, which would have been considered a fair annual mine output a few years ago."

"On the north side of the cut and higher on the hill, some valuable sulphide ores have been exposed which it is planned to work by raises from the 300 level and by mill-holing."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; January 18, 1924; page 1.)

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