Fri, Nov. 15

Letter: We all need to be a little more willing to give diversity a chance


It is the eve of Inauguration Day. Some of us are already celebrating. Others are waiting for to start the party. And then there are those like myself. Who are quietly, thoughtfully, going about our routine while the mind wanders backward to the past, forward to the uncertain future, wondering how and when things went so very wrong. While my lips form yet another prayer, my heart aches as I recall the words I heard not long ago from a fellow American-

“We didn’t vote for him because we love him so much as we just purely hate you guys!”. For at least some, it was done out of spite. No more, no less.

Was it so very wrong of us, to want a seat at the great table of American life? To partake of the fruits of Democracy alongside you, and not have to stand in the shadows watching, or serving as waiters and dishwashers behind the scenes at the feast? To know that we are accepted and valued for our various contributions, and that our skin color or gender or sexual orientation was not something that would automatically make us less-than, unwanted, anathema? Those of you who claim the title of Christian, what would our Lord and Savior say? To me, He told me to love my neighbor as myself. He did not specify which ones.

We are your neighbors. We are your fellow citizens. I would ask you to remember that, and treat us accordingly. And also remember that this current state of affairs, like everything in this world, is not permanent.

Somewhere in our already great nation, our first woman president, our first Latino president, our first Native American and our first gay president, are watching. They are watching, and making plans. Maybe when their time comes, we will all be a little more willing to give diversity a chance, willing to at last value a person for the character of their heart and the value of their experience.

Or so I hope and pray.

Desiree Valenzuela


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