Tue, July 16

Clarkdale police estimate damage of juvenile crime spree
All six suspects arrested

All six juvenile suspects have now been arrested after a Jan. 15 crime spree and charged with numerous counts of criminal damage, burglary, theft, and facilitation, said Sgt. Nicole Florisi of the Clarkdale Police Department in a news release.

Five of the suspects were arrested shortly after the offenses took place.

The crime spree resulted in numerous criminal damage and burglary calls throughout Clarkdale and Cottonwood.

Sgt. Florisi said there were 15 criminal damage reports and 12 burglaries taken in Clarkdale, and many victims had multiple vehicles vandalized.

The estimated value of the damage and stolen items in Clarkdale alone is close to $5,000, the release stated.

According to an earlier Cottonwood Police Department news release, the crime spree resulted in burglaries at the Verde Lea Market and numerous vehicles, 28 cars with slashed tires, theft of a dirt bike, and $11 of stolen cash that was used to buy two cheeseburgers.

The dirt bike was returned.

Cottonwood Police Detective Sgt. Tod Moore said the suspects were males between the ages of 14 and 15, and the driver was a 15-year-old female, said police.

Several of the encounters where caught either on video surveillance or witnessed by victims, according to the release.