Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: Join the movement to make American great again


Ms Valenzuela is wondering:

  1. “….how and when things went so very wrong.” Eight years ago when several million Republications thought Romney was a shoo-in and didn’t vote. Or, if you are referring to the recent election, it was when the democrats nominated Hillary. But then, what choice was there? None. The corrupt DNC saw to that.

  2. “….wrong of us to want a seat at the great table of American life?” Those who would keep you from this goal is the Democrat Party. For them the “great table” is only for the elites, the ruling party. Remember, socialism, which the democrat party has become, has only two levels: the ruling class (elites) and the working class. President Trump will make room for all of us by bringing back and creating new jobs.

  3. “To partake of the fruits of Democracy…..”. FYI, the United States of America is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a Democracy. It is a Republic. The key difference between a democracy and a republic is that a republic protects the MINORITY. In a democracy (what the democrats want) the rule of the majority party is complete and has NO appeal process. In a republic, the majority is LIMITED by a CONSTITUTION. The majority CANNOT take away certain inalienable rights of the individual. In a republic, ALL can partake in the fruits of life.

  4. “… what would our Lord and Savior say?” Our Lord and Savior gave us Donald J. Trump to bring our nation back to what was once the greatest nation ever. Just as Providence blessed and guided General George Washington to victory and independence, so has He guided us to victory over progressive ideology and socialism.

  5. “….give diversity a chance….”. You mean like the 69 Democrat House of Reps that boycotted the Inauguration? Like Madonna who wants to blow up the White House? Like the democrats delaying the confirmation of the cabinet nominees because they are accomplished business people? Imagine, professional business people running the business of the nation. How novel. And the list goes on and on. The loosing party has not only NOT given diversity a chance, they have become mean, vindictive, rude and hateful.

In the last eight years (during the Obama administration) the Republicans have won the House, Senate, Executive, soon the Supreme Court, and control of 2/3 of the States. And now, we are with President Trump as our leader going to “Make America Great Again.” You’re welcome to join the movement, it’s going to be exciting.

Diane Daniel


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