Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: What is wrong with you people?


One morning last week, I was driving on 89A from Clarkdale to Cottonwood. When I approached the intersection of 89A and 6th, I saw a minivan apparently stalled in the middle of the road. No one was doing anything to help, and the woman driver was obviously and rightly concerned.

I drove slowly through the intersection, zipped into the nearest parking lot on the right, parked my car, and ran to assist in getting the stranded minivan off the road. By this time, a woman maybe half my age was trying to push the vehicle.

But by herself she just didn’t have the oomph, try as she might. The two of us working together, though, managed to get the minivan off 89A and into the parking lot of the Top Shelf liquor store, no thanks to any other motorists or passers-by.

Even worse, however, drivers coming through the intersection on 89A from Cottonwood didn’t just not slow down, they honked at us and at least twice almost slammed into us!

What is wrong with you people?!?

This happened in broad daylight, you could see that there was a vehicle in distress, you could see that woman and me busting a gut to push the car off the road and out of traffic...and the best you could do was speed around us, almost hit us, and honk as you drove by?!?!? And you other motorists driving in other directions? Duh!!!

True Americans don’t ignore such a situation, and I’m sure that the good people at Top Shelf were more than accommodating and helpful after the fact. But the rest of you? Shame!

No, I don’t know the name of the driver in distress or the name of the other rescuer. And no, I didn’t hang around to give them my name. I didn’t respond for honors or accolades. I just came to the aid of a fellow American. Once he/she/they were out of harm’s way, I moved on.

If you, the reader of this, were one of those who sped by and maybe honked in irritation and maybe almost hit us and nevertheless didn’t bother to stop to help one direction or another, I hope you’ll take a hard look in the mirror ... and into your heart ... and then imagine that it had been you or your husband/wife/other in that same boat as the minivan driver and her saviors.

Michael C. Westlund


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