Sat, July 20

Make an incredible difference in a person’s life -- donate a crisis care kit

The Village of Oak Creek community is once again invited to participate in the collection and packaging of Crisis Care Kits (CCK’s). The Church of the Nazarene is facilitating this effort with assistance from several local individuals and troop members from the Boy, Girl and Cub Scouts. Last year’s donations of $3,500 enabled the purchase of enough supplies to send 360 CCK’s to California’s wildfire victims and Philippines’ flood victims.

What is a Crisis Care Kit? It’s a 2-gallon5ziplock bag filled with a very specific list of necessary items: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, band aids, nail clippers, towels, and more. The list has VERY specific sizes and quantities. Pastor Cindy Cunningham said, “Varying from the list can cause an entire shipment to be held up in a port, depriving the needy of immediate help. It’s very important to follow the list exactly.”

Crisis Care Kits are sent to people who have suffered a natural or national disaster. They may be the victims of a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tsunami, tornado or even war.

In past years CCK’s have gone to places like Belize, California, Dominican Republic, Kansas, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordan, Louisiana, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Zambia. The recipients aren’t qualified by religion, nationality, economic status, race, or any other criteria...only by their need.

“When someone suffers a disaster that displaces them from their home what do they have? Nothing. How do they survive? By the grace of God and the kindness of strangers,” said Pastor Jim Cunningham. “Crisis Care Kits can bring a sense of hope and comfort to those who feel they have just lost everything. It’s not much to us, but to them, for them, it’s hope and tangible help. It tells them someone out there cares and they can make it through this chaos.”

Based upon local prices, to fill a CCK yourself would cost between $15-$18 (plus $2 for shipping). VOCNAZ places bulk orders for the supplies and last year was able to bring the cost down to $7.75 per CCK (plus $2 for shipping).

Please consider contributing to help send a Crisis Care Kit, or several. To arrange a pickup of your donation, leave a message at 928-284-0015. If you prefer to make a financial donation you can do so at or mail it to the Nazarene Church at 55 Rojo Drive, Sedona, AZ, 86351. Designate “CCK” on the memo line and 100% of your donation will go to CCK’s.

Assembling CCK’s and packing them in boxes will happen at the Nazarene church April 28/29 and May 5/6, beginning at 9:00am each day. If you want to assist with sorting and packing, contact the church at 928-284-0015 or If you can help find deeply discounted supplies, contact Pastor Jim at 702-810-4048 or

This year’s goal was established at 500 Crisis Care Kits (approximately $5,000). Thank you for contributing -- your generosity makes an incredible difference in the lives of those in need!