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One contract was awarded for the first section of the road from Cottonwood to Camp Verde. Surfacing of the road from Cottonwood to Sedona will be completed within ten days or two weeks.

"The County Highway Commission last week let three important contracts, two on the Black Canyon route and the third for the first section of the Cottonwood to Camp Verde road, that running from the Sedona highway to Black Canyon. Under the terms of the contracts, work will be commenced on all three sections within a week or two."

"WORK NOW IN PROGRESS: The surfacing of the Cottonwood to Sedona road will be completed within ten days or two weeks, and travelers declare that this is going to be one of the best roads in the county, now that the original mistakes have been ironed out. It is positively certain that Coconino County will build to connect with this road at the county line just this side of Sedona and that the highway will be in good shape for tourist travel before the end of the summer."

"CAMP VERDE ROAD: Local interest centers chiefly about the road from Cottonwood to Camp Verde for the first stretch of which the contract was awarded to Tanner Brothers of St. Louis at a price that came very close to the estimates of cost prepared by Engineer McCarthy."

"This road branches from the Thompson's Crossing [the old Van Deren Crossing, now called Bridgeport] highway at a point below the Cottonwood [old Willard] school and follows the old road pretty closely all the way to Camp Verde. Two or three important changes in location have been made to avoid heavy grades and expensive crossings of ravines, but as a general thing the old location was found satisfactory."

"This highway will form an important link in both county and state systems, besides being of great benefit to ranchers along the Verde."

"From Camp Verde a road is to be built to Fossil Creek, there to join the Gila County road system over which a short route will be afforded to the important mining and smelting centers of Globe and Miami, the Roosevelt Dam and southern Arizona generally. This Camp Verde to Fossil Creek section of the Yavapai highways is one of the most difficult to build, the country for 5 or 6 miles on this side of the creek being badly cut up by deep ravines and canyons. Two surveys have been made already, but there is reason to believe that neither puts the road on grades that would be acceptable to the federal government, and federal aid is absolutely necessary for this particular stretch, as the appropriation carried by the bond issue is altogether inadequate."

OTHER SURVEYS: It is understood that the final surveys on several other sections of the proposed highway system are now under way and that bids will be called for as quickly as plans and specifications can be prepared. It is the intention of the commission to advance the building program just as rapidly as is possible."

"BLACK CANYON ROUTE IS IN FAIRLY GOOD CONDITION: The Black Canyon route to Phoenix is now in better condition than it has been for several years, according to Ernest Douglas, manager of the 'Verde Copper News,' who, with his family, returned Friday from an auto trip to the state capital. The trip down was made by the Douglas family on January 11, in thirteen and a half hours. Not any great amount of time was spent in digging the car out of the mud, though there was plenty of that, but the going was slow and painful. From Mayer to Cordes the road was a loblolly of black mud." ...

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, January 24, 1922; page 1.)

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