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Verde Heritage 1905: JEROME NEWS

A new business, fights, a motorcycle speed record, an inquest, an explosion, and the 8th grade graduation were of interest to Jerome citizens during the middle of June.

"VISIT WAS COSTLY: The woman who was arrested for being in a saloon on Saturday night, was fined $2.50 by Justice St. James yesterday afternoon."

"JEROME, June 14. --- A man was arrested last night by the night officer for getting drunk and drawing a knife in one of the houses in the red light district. He was taken into custody before he could do any harm, and will be tried this afternoon in Justice St. James's court."

"RETURN FROM PHOENIX: T. F. Miller and his son, Walter, returned from Phoenix yesterday, where they have been for the last few days. T. F. Miller, who makes his home in Los Angeles, is now visiting in Jerome."

"OF MANY COLORS: The manager of the Jerome Tailoring Co. has surprised the natives of Jerome by appearing on the street in a suit that is certainly a novelty. It is made of samples of different colors, and the effect is startling."

"A DELIGHTFUL AFFAIR: The card party given by Mrs. Dr. Kaull Tuesday afternoon was a very enjoyable affair. About ten couples played five hundred during the afternoon, after which light refreshments were served."

"ARE GOING SOME: The Jerome fire team is now training every evening on the course, and in the gymnasium, and are getting in good shape to trim up Prescott in the coming contest."

"IN MEMORIUM: John Kelly has ordered a handsome monument to be erected in memory of his brother, James Kelly, who was killed at the mine some weeks ago." [John Kelly, born in County Antrim, Ireland, about 1853, died on April 28, 1905. His headstone survives in the Jerome Hogback Cemetery.]

"NAMES OF GRADUATES: The names of the children in the eighth grade of the public school who will graduate this year are: Ike Nihell, Grace Halburg, Irene Godwin, Katherine Milne, Edith and Fred Whitaker, and Harold Thomas. If enough of them wish to continue in school next year a high school will be established to give them the opportunity to do so." "Commencement exercises were held yesterday afternoon," June 14, "in the room of the eighth grade at the school building."

June 15 "A CASE FOR THE DOCTOR: Two of Mr. Toohey's drivers, or mule skinners, as they are usually called, got into a fight between Jerome and Toohey's camp late yesterday afternoon. One of the teamsters came up to Jerome in the morning, and took on a load of dry merchandise for the team and drove down the hill to Jerome, and proceeded, it is said, to get on a load of wet merchandise for himself. He kept his team standing in the streets so long that the city marshal told him that he would have to move on or he would be pulled. Mr. Toohey became impatient at camp because the team did not arrive, and sent another man to learn the cause of delay. He met the team, that had been put in motion by the city marshal, about 3 miles from town, and the man that Toohey had sent out wanted to drive the team to camp, but the other driver objected, and started to use the blacksnake whip on Mr. Toohey's emissary. The latter picked up a stone, and hit the man with the jag in the face, and inflicted a severe flesh wound which took 9 stitches to close. No complaint was made, and as the officers did not see the fight, no arrests were made."

"TO HOLD INQUEST: A formal inquest over the remains of Ed. Wilson, which were brought to town last night by Deputy Sheriff W. S. Owen, will be held today. There is no question that his death was caused by excessive drinking and exposure through lying out on the trail for 24 hours without water to quench his thirst. The body will likely be interred at the expense of the county unless some word is heard from his family." (Ed Wilson "was brought to the county hospital in a terrible condition because of a cancerous growth on his face. He was an old miner of the county about whom little was known. Those who were best acquainted with Clark tell of his having children living in California. He died June 18, 1905." --- Sharlot Hall Museum Library and Archives.) "The body of Ed Wilson was buried Thursday afternoon in the graveyard below town."

"OPEN A RESTAURANT: The Bend Saloon has started a restaurant in connection with their saloon. The Bend Saloon is situated above the railroad station on the hill."

COTTONWOOD: "DAIRYMEN ON STRIKE; Several days ago all the helpers at Willard's dairy went on strike, which inconvenienced the proprietor considerably. Their grievance was that the cook was partial, and they objected to one person getting all the best grub in the house. Therefore they struck."

"MOTOR CYCLE RECORD: Ed. Hatch made a record for Arizona last Sunday, on a motor cycle. He left Jerome Sunday morning early, went to Cherry creek, thence to Prescott, and then to Jerome Junction, a distance of 72 miles, in one day. He arrived at the junction in time to take the evening train for Jerome.

"JEROME, June 19. --- an explosion of gas in an oil tank was the cause of Bert Merrill being severely burned yesterday. Bert was painting the interior of the tank, and becoming overcome by the vapors fell to the bottom, a distance of 10 feet. Another workman went down to rescue him, and was himself overcome. A third man attempted it and was similarly affected. One of the men lighted a match, which caused the gas to explode. Bert was scorched about the face and hand, and one ear was severely burned. A fourth man finally succeeded in bringing the injured man to the surface, and he was taken to the company hospital, and after considerable work upon him, he was revived, although for some time it was feared he was asphyxiated and injured beyond recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill, the father and mother of the lad, are at Indian Gardens, and work has been sent to them of the unfortunate accident."

"A CAMPING TRIP: Rev. Ocheltree and his family will leave for the Verde, where they intend to camp for about a month. Mr. Ocheltree will come up to Jerome every Sunday to occupy his pulpit at the Methodist Church."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; June 21, 1905; page 5.)

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