Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Latest news on Cottonwood sewer stinks


The issue of the Cottonwood city wastewater treatment, water and sewage system story of June 14th is one of complete incompetence on the part of the city council.

How could proper planning by the city and the contractor(s) lead to a mistake that will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars more or close the reclamation plant that has all ready cost $14 million?

Now because of poor planning that facility may not be used and additional upgrades to the 27-year old plant on Mingus Avenue must still be upgraded.

The need for this upgrade was known before the reclamation plant was planned as a compliment to the system. If all the expensive studies had been done properly it would have shown that the sewage needed to be pumped uphill and that a new pump station would be necessary.

It should also have been known that the cost of upgrading sewage pipe in the Verde Villages and in the city would also be necessary and planned for.

I have to question the ability of the council to be aware of the needs of the city and to be financially responsible. Many of these items could have been done in steps throughout the years as the money was available.

Now the water district has no more funds to operate with and they can not obtain funds through loans or bonds so again they look to the taxpayers to bite the bullet and accept a HUGE increase in wat er rates.

This is nothing short of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the prior and current city council as many of the members worked on the prior council.

There is no excuse or justification for this.

Margaret Paddock