Mon, Jan. 20

Letter: Political rage a product of far left minority


I find the Arizona Republic columnist Elvia Diaz’s selective outrage (“Revulsion over the latest mean tweet encouraging”, Opinion, AZRep, 7/2/17) to be disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst. I won’t defend Donald Trump’s juvenile tweets in reaction to the coordinated trashing of his character. I firmly believe he should let his policy actions speak for themselves and contain his tweets to those policies. He is absolutely correct that his tweets get his message past a media intent on burying anything positive his administration accomplishes. But Diaz’s piece ignores that his critics, instead of attacking his policies, have used unrelenting personal attacks against him and his family – which used to be off limits in politics, attempting to discredit him with slander where politics won’t succeed. Yes, he is easily baited, and that weakness, when he lashes out in response, is then used against him. The liberals then console each other, accusing him of being “mean-spirited”. Their defense of their own actions, which range from insulting to simply vicious, encourages the type of violence seen at the congressional ball game. The political rage, and ensuing violence, infecting our country is a product of the far left minority that has decided that any means is okay to achieve their ends. Whether we like Donald Trump or not, the vast majority of our citizens find this political atmosphere to be toxic. Americans of all political beliefs need to denounce rhetoric that endangers our political system. To remain silent is to be complicit.

Jim Barber

Mesa, AZ

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