Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Investigation based on ‘something may turn up’ hardly constitutes probable cause


Most of the News Media coverage about the Russian involvement in our election process is centered around the “Trump Campaign and Administration”; in which there has to date, in the approximately eight months of multiple agency investigation; with absolute zero incidence of ‘Collusion or Obstruction’ concerning any of the ‘Trump Family, Campaign Staffers, Administrative Personnel or Aligned Pundits’.

Still we have a Highly Paid “Special Counsel (Prosecutor)”, with a seemingly “Limitless Budget of Taxpayer Money” investigating just in case “SOMETHING MAY TURN UP”; an obvious search that could be compared to looking for a ‘Needle in a Haystack’ or the ‘Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow’. What can or will bring this seemingly mythical investigation to a conclusion? One thing that could end this fiasco is “Honesty” [Oh, pardon me, that word and/or the properties it possesses is/are great candidates for being or having been added to the “Endangered Species List” and may be illegal to utter in public or in the presence of Liberals].

If you knew that a ‘District Attorney (Prosecutor)’ was using Public Monies in your County, City or Municipality to hire a ‘Private Investigator (Special Counsel)’ to try to find “Something; Just Anything” to charge someone with, would you allow that nonsense to go on without saying and doing something? I doubt it.

One of the most amazing aspects about the current situation is the reversal of the old saying: “A Bird in the Hand, is Worth Two in a Bush” indicating: That which is certain is worth much more than that which is not sure; to “A Bird in a Bush; is Worth TWO in the Hand” because of the Media and the Leftists ignoring the “Certain Russian Collusion of Hillary Clinton (20 % [1/5th] of all known U.S. Uranium, Bill Clinton’s Speeches and The Clinton Foundation) and the Obama Administration (Obama’s Hot Mic Incident, etc.) ” to pursue the mythological wrongs (Over 6 Months of Investigations by a litany of Top Agencies with no solid charge of any wrongdoing) of the Trump Family, Administration and/or Campaign; still we are paying for what I call a “Rogue (unassigned) Special Prosecutor” with unlimited or better said “Carte Blanche Authority and Budget.”.

The War is on: Freedom is not Free, and at this Moment the “Domestic Enemies”, which so many of us have “Sworn an Oath to defend against”; is probably more treacherous than any “Foreign Enemy”. We need to “Get Involved; Our Primary Weapons are: Information, Truth and Loyalty; Our Delivery System needs to be a “Mobilized Grassroots Participation and Intervention” into “Local Politics, Education and (Dare I Say) Religions”.

Dale Gohr


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