Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: Message was callous, cruel and without merit


My husband and I were shopping at Walmart. When we came out we found this sticker on the windshield:

“Ignorance and Laziness are not handicaps!!! Move your car and walk while you still can! Imagine if you were REALLY handicapped!!!”

I find it hard for you to judge us without knowing the facts. I had let my husband off at the front door before I parked. He will be 84 next month and has lost his sense of balance. He uses a cane and can’t walk far without his oxygen.

As for me, I had back surgery and fell 10 days later. I have micro factures in my back. I have Osteoporosis, which means if I fall, I break. I am scheduled for hip surgery in BOTH my hips and then the same for BOTH knees. My husband and I would like to know where “ignorance and laziness” comes in???

I realize you wouldn’t know the reasons but you were quick to judge us. Our doctors know what they are doing and gave us handicap stickers because of necessity, not convenience. Next time, think about what YOU are doing!!! You just showed your “ignorance” in not having the facts before you judged. You obviously are not handicapped or you would not be able to reach the top of the windshield on a truck.

There are other reasons for handicapped stickers besides the obvious canes, walkers or wheelchairs. In my case, that is in my future but for now my “laziness’ wants me to walk as much as possible!!

Both of us would prefer to be able to hop, skip and jump across the parking lot but we are just happy at our ages to be able to move at all.

Sharon and Chris Montag


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