Sun, May 26

Letter: Opinions are like certain parts of our anatomy


I started out to write a simple letter of thanks to all the people who protected and served over the 4th of July Holiday.

I understand that our personal safety relies on certain occupations fulfilling their duties, no matter what. I thank them for their dedication.

This started me wondering how many how many around me can not quite grasp the true significance of this holiday, but want to. (Maybe they don’t.) I would strongly suggest picking up a copy of the book “The 5000 Leap Year” by W. Cleon Skousen.

It spells out the truly unique, while not perfect, opportunities our founders gave us. It is a good place to state. I can not help but feel that if the founders dropped in on us, today, they would be ashamed.

The wanted us to grow and seek out our potential. Not to retreat into some “safe space” while muttering homilies about our entitlements or past wrongs. History is for learning from and to grow, not to be used to manufacture strife.

Not one hurled insult or unprovoked attack will chance a single moment of history. But, they will impede our growth into the society our founders hoped or us. That Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Happiness thing, not the you got it, I want it, therefore I am entitled to take it thing.

I can almost see the fingers waging now; ‘you don’t know, you can’t understand, I feel.’ But, that just proves my point. I have not written about something I do not understand or believe in.

It’s not my opinion, it is there to see in the documents and correspondences left for us by the founders. On the other hand many will make the mistake of thinking they know me based on this tiny bit of scribbling.

Most “opinions” are formed form little to no facts or in consensuses with the opinons of others (also with out verification). It does not take much these days to form one. To paraphrase; opinions are like certain parts of our anatomy, everyone has them, but few know how they got there.

Just another out of step, old timer.

Wesley Girard

Camp Verde