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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: July 11, 2017

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

Forever and … forever beyond that … a rainbow in the distance over the Painted Desert, low clouds embracing the NW faces of the San Francisco Peaks Peaks and the lower volcanic cones trailing to the NNW. I took this shot near days end last September 30th from an altitude of 12,633’ MSL which coincidently is the vertical elevation of Humphreys Peak, which is just behind me on the right side. I love that area of northern Arizona and look forward to having air quality like this up there again. Today the air quality was nice as the rains cleansed the sky … maybe later this week I’ll try a flight up there again.

A quiet day and late afternoon I headed up to the airport to do some work on Mariah and change the oil and filter … a nice breeze and temperature within reason; thence home and took One out for her hunt. I watched “The Magic of Belle Island” again and thoroughly enjoyed it … love movies like that.

Time to wrap the day … it was a good one and hope yours was too. Enjoy the moment and cherish the love, family and friends you have … there is nothing else that matters.



A bird flies through the sky, and I fly with it. I am each pearl of moisture sparkling in the sun.

I lie lazy on the clouds. And I acknowledge my kinship with each winged thing.

I see all as one, and nothing repels me, as this new day climbs noiselessly out of the valley of the night.

Peace lies over the world and over the world of my soul.

Max Ehrmann

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