Mon, Feb. 17

Editorial: Divine opportunities await those with a helping hand to lend

Staff Reporter Bill Helm once wrote that to work is human, but to volunteer is divine. If that’s the case, there is some divine opportunities in the Verde Valley.

Curt Bohall’s resignation this week from the Clarkdale Town Council offers yet another test of the volunteer spirit of the Verde Valley. In fact, it’s a double-whammy for Clarkdale as one of the town’s most loyal volunteers, Bohall’s wife, Winnie, also has resigned from the Board of Adjustment. The Bohalls have served the town admirable. It’s someone else’s turn to step up to try and fill their shoes.

We have a similar situation at Mingus Union High School where long-time school board member Robb Williams has stepped down, again leaving a void of knowledge, common sense and leadership on the MUHS board.

In fact, demand for volunteers to keep the wheels of government service rolling has never been greater. At most every level of government, there are myriad opportunities to serve in the Verde Valley.

Not all are as prestigious as service on the town council or school board. It bears emphasis, though, that those who serve in such elective capacities will often say you should be careful what you ask for. Service on your local town or city council or school board can be the most thankless job you’ll ever have.

Other such volunteer service opportunities exist at the board and commission level of local government. These positions offer the chance for would-be elected officials to get their feet wet and learn the ropes of government service without the harsh glare of being on the town council or school board.

For example, in Clarkdale there are 23 openings at various times on the town’s boards and commissions as their terms expire in staggering years.  Currently, there are 12 such openings for service on such advisory groups as the Board of Adjustment, Community Services Commission, Design Review Board, Planning Commission or Public Safety Personnel Retirement Board.

In Jerome currently, there are unfilled vacancies both on the Design Review Board and Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Cottonwood has three openings on the Board of Adjustments and two openings on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Compared to the rest of the Verde Valley, Camp Verde is in an enviable position as there are no vacancies on any of the town’s boards and commissions. No surprise there, as volunteering is a way of life in Camp Verde.

As we reported earlier this year, County School Superintendent Tim Carter almost always has vacancies to fill on school boards throughout the county. Ditto for individual schools throughout the Verde Valley who need volunteers to serve on campus site councils.

If you have a helping hand to lend, there are plenty of folks who need your help.

A divine opportunity awaits you.

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