Sat, July 20

Man charged with sexual abuse requests new lawyer, more time to consider plea

 Lanny Sean Cramp

Lanny Sean Cramp

CAMP VERDE – Lanny Sean Cramp, of Cottonwood, appeared in custody Monday at Yavapai County Superior Court before Judge Michael R. Bluff for a pretrial conference and possible change of plea.

Cramp made a request for a neew lawyer. He claimed he did not receive a physical copy of his plea from the June 27 court meeting.

“Paperwork is not being delivered in a timely manner,” Cramp stated.

Cramp’s state-appointed attorney, John Hollis, pointed out that physical copies of pleas are not mandatory.

Judge Bluff did not award Cramp a new lawyer, and instead Cramp will be given a physical copy of his plea and five weeks to consider whether he will accept the plea.

According to a court docket, 46-year-old Cramp is charged with sexual conduct with a minor and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

He is held without bond.

Should Cramp choose to take the plea agreement, he could face a maximum sentence of 64 years and six months.

Cramp could face a maximum sentence of over 90 years if he is found guilty at trial.

Cramp is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 21 for a possible pretrial conference.