Wed, June 26

Verde Heritage 1953: Officer Shortage In Verde Area

"Men from a private garage directed public traffic around a wreck on Highway 89A Friday [July 10], underlining the new shortage of law enforcement officers here."

"Walter Dent and M. O. Lindner, Jr., waved cars around a wreck blocking the highway in Clarkdale from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. as other employees of Lindner Motors tried vainly to find a policeman to release the damaged vehicles."

"State law requires that an officer examine the evidence in every highway accident before the vehicles are removed."

"Together with the county supervisors, Sheriff Orville Bozarth dropped from the county payroll deputies in Jerome and Camp Verde effective July 1. A part-time deputy in Prescott was also dropped."

"OFFICERS AWAY: R. M. Robbins, Clarkdale deputy, was reported on business in Prescott that afternoon and Cottonwood deputy Wesley Barnett was reported attending to police business in Camp Verde where he was forced to extend his operations. State Patrolman Ed Shartzer was reported on business in Phoenix."

"Men at Lindner Motors said they realized Buck Snoddy, Jerome Police Chief, who was relieved of his duties as a deputy, was unavailable outside of Jerome."

"Barnett released the wreck finally, on return from Camp Verde, just before a deputy sent all the way from Prescott turned up."

"A. B. Rodriguez was fined $5 in the Upper Verde Justice Court for a minor traffic violation. The other driver was Mrs. Clyde Hance."

(The Verde Independent; Thursday, July 16, 1953; page 10.)