Mon, Oct. 14

Letter: Thanks to all for a successful Cornfest 2017


After nine years the weather decided to be nice to me and Cornfest went on with just a few big gust of wind and a little rain.

I was misquoted in the paper telling all that we sold 625 ears of corn, I must correct that, we purchased 625 dozen ears of corn which comes out to be 7,500 ears of corn ..... just a few more than 625..

I have several thank yous but the first one needs to go to the hundred or more volunteers that helped us have a successful Cornfest. WITHOUT YOUR HELP WE COULD NOT DO THE CORNFEST!

It was very worrisome when we had several shifts that were empty or without as many volunteers as needed.

A big thank you to the spontaneous volunteers that saw our plea for help and came down and filled those empty spots. As usual our wonderful volunteers stayed for longer shifts and helped us pull off a very successful Cornfest. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Station 81, Shift C of Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority ~ you put the tents up, took the tents down, analyzed, pondered and then reassembled the tents correctly. Thank you so much. We would have given up and had some holes. We really appreciate your time and effort. Just so you know we marked the poles so maybe we will have an easier time next year..

Debbie Roulette, if you don’t know it let me tell you without you we would have failed miserably. You stepped up and took Carlie’s place and did a remarkable job for us as well as run your own booth. Thank you just isn’t enough, how about THANK YOU!

Mary Nordstrom, you always do a wonderful job in organizing and overseeing the craft fairs. I know it is not easy but you make it look easy and always with a smile on your face. Thank you.

Camp Verde Maintenance Dept. You make our job a little easier because you can fix all of our issues...Thank you for your continued support. Steve, sorry you needed to make a trip to the field to help us figure out an issue, but we are grateful, thank you.

Sebra and Steve, thank you for your assistance with advertising.

Stephanie Peters, you have been a life saver, without your helped we would not have had the volunteer online sign up or our funds we collected...Thank you for joining our team.

Mike Jacobson, thank you for getting out of you sick bed to help us get the corn roaster area correct and functional.

Jose Perez, thank you for helping with the games and getting the youth group to help with the trash detail.

CVBA thank you for becoming involved with organizing the event. Hope you had FUN!

Rob and Chandler Plante, You never fail us. Thank you.

Gary & Ray of the Ol’ Guys, thank you for putting up our shade and the wagon, hauling all of our stuff and just be the best guys around...

Rangers, you have for the last 9 years you have provided the beer, helped up set up and breakdown. You have perfected this into an art and I see the challenge every year to see if you can do it faster. We have gone from 2-4 hours to 2 hours. We appreciate your help so very much, thank you.

To all the members of the board. Thank you for all the help, it took all of us but I think we had one of our most successful Cornfest. Now we can rest up for Fort Verde Days.

Steven Weatherford, Kathy and Kent Hellman, thank you for letting us borrow your trailers. We make several runs picking up corn and without 2 trailers we would have long lines and lots of unhappy customers.

And last but not least thank you to the crazy man that runs around in 105 degrees in a corn suit...This crazy man is my husband and I want him to know it means the world to me that he is supportive and involved.

Thank you.

I am sure I have missed mentioning someone, please forgive me and Thank You!

Nikki Miller

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