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Keep your pets safe during the summer

Rachelle Jarvis

Rachelle Jarvis

Pets can overheat just as easily if not easier than we can. It is very important to have plenty of water available to your pet during the warm months. There are also several products available to help keep your pet cool. They include cooling mats, chilly vests (ice packs can be inserted in the vest to keep your dog cool), popware reusable water bowls and cooling dog boots. Any of these products would be an excellent way to keep your pet cool during outdoor activity.

Signs of heat stroke to watch for heavy panting, dehydration, excessive drooling, frequent breaks of lying down, rapid and irregular heartbeat, increased body temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit). Other signs to watch for: lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting and neurological signs such as stumbling or seizures.

What should you do if your dog is experiencing heat stroke?

• Immediately remove them from the heat

• Offer them cool water

• Cool their body down in cool, but not cold, water. Do not submerge their body in water. When using a water hose, reduce the pressure

• Take them to the veterinarian immediately.

It is never safe to leave a pet in a car in the summer. The temperature can rise almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. On a 70-degree day, it can reach 100 degrees in your vehicle. What should you do if you see a dog in a car that is obviously in signs of distress? Gather information about the vehicle (make, model and license plate number), go into nearby businesses and alert their management, if the owner cannot be located call the police or animal control, stay with the dog until help arrives. It is also legal now in the state of Arizona to break the window so that the pet can be safely removed from the hot car.

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