Sun, April 05

Letter: Right-wing hypocrisy is growing like weeds in summer


Just like the weeds that follow a summer monsoon storm, Jim Barber’s hypocrisy is in full bloom. After much thought, reflection, and a good dose of Fox News, Barber wrote that the current political toxicity is the fault of – you won’t believe it - Democrats.

He points to the violence wreaked at a congressional baseball practice. That individual is not a product of the Democratic Party; he was an unstable individual not unlike other violence prone individuals from the other side.

That violence should be condemned, as should all violence. Barber is right about that, but I wish he was not so selective in his indignation. I have not heard one word from him or other Trump apologists about the violence and intimidation shown to minorities throughout the Country, inspired by the rants of Trump.

What Barber doesn’t seem to get is that stabilizing forces, whether in a family unit, a classroom, a school or business, or in the highest office in the land, begin at the top.

Children, teachers, employees and citizens who are exposed to unfair treatment, frequent rants, bullying, lying are going to respond in a like manner at some point. Many people mirror behavior they see; if she/he does it, it must be alright.

For Barber to say the political rage and violence infecting our Country is the fault of the ‘far left’, whatever that is, and then to say Americans need to denounce rhetoric that endangers our political system would be laughable if it weren’t so full of right-wing hypocrisy.

The place to put the blame for the current climate of political unrest is where it belongs – at the feet of Donald J. Trump. Some advice for Jim Barber. Get away from Fox News for a while.

Take a nice walk after a summer shower. Just don’t get caught in the weeds.

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek

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