Fri, Nov. 15

Letter: Democrats pointing finger of blame need to take a look in mirror


I’m replying to Bob Burke’s letter of July 28, 2017. My husband and I watched all channels on TV for many years and are both avid readers. After happening upon FOX, we soon realized that it is the only channel which has liberals on as much as conservatives. Therefore, intelligent people can make their own decisions about current events.

We’ve learned that the violence at colleges are staged by leftists to keep conservatives from speaking. Is that presenting both sides? Our children are being taught what to think instead of how to think.

That whole “hands up don’t shoot” debate started with another lie perpetuated by NEWS and was proven not to be true in court. An African American said they witnessed the truth.

Mr. Burke is correct that stabilizing does come from the top, but according to the “top left,” we that didn’t agree with her were deplorable.

The far left, Mr. Burke, are people who destroy their own neighborhoods and businesses by burning, breaking and looting. I don’t see anyone from the far right coming to colleges to destroy our freedom of speech. The far left are people who have socialist, communist leanings. Nowhere in the world have socialism and communism worked.

Mr. Burke, China’s people are starving. Russia is broken. Sooner or later these people run out of other people’s money. So, yes, Mr. Burke, the unrest is the fault of the nut jobs on the left. Mr. Obama started all of this and President Trump is trying to right the country again by getting us all back to work full time at decent wages.

Our president is not perfect by any means, nor is he a politician, but he’s trying to fix our country that’s on the way to destruction because of all the B.S. political correctness gone amok.

We try to keep ourselves informed but not by television or newspapers alone. We have an entire selection of political books in our library.

Say what you want Mr. Burke, but slavery came from the South – Democrats -- and they are still trying to enslave us by keeping their fingers around the necks of the poor by means of welfare and handouts.

Barbara and Jim Combs


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