Tue, July 16

Letter: Sorry for the fuss, we’ve taken our card games elsewhere


Wow!! I fired a pop-gun and got back a battleship salvo.

Ms. Harrington, I commend you and the others in your community who saw a need, banded together and responded to that need. You have done something that nurtures community spirit, enhances everybody’s lifestyle and continues to make Lake Montezuma a friendlier place to be.

Cottonwood’s situation is a little different. Our facility was put together with tax-payer money from federal, state and municipal sources and I’m sure, some public contributions. As Ms. Bremner’s article points out, it serves a host of organizations and responds to many needs of the community, among them the social activities of the senior population. It is my understanding that the facility is run by a Board of Trustees and a management team who make the policy decisions concerning all the rules and regulations the users must abide by.

In most government organizations of this size and affecting this many people, changes would be proposed, discussed, approved, announced and then implemented after a reasonable period of time. At the time our group was told about the fee, none of this appeared to have been done nor was this explained to be a universally applied fee. Those facts became evident in Ms. Bremner’s article and some signs which were put up in prominent places.

No matter. The card-players have reformed in other places in order to save some of them the 4 or 5 dollars a month. Sorry for the fuss.

Dick May