Tue, July 16

New Clarkdale-Jerome Superintendent Danny Brown hits ground running

Danny Brown is the new superintendent for the clarkdale-Jerome School District. VVN/Halie Chavez

Danny Brown is the new superintendent for the clarkdale-Jerome School District. VVN/Halie Chavez

CLARKDALE – Danny Brown, the new superintendent for the Clarkdale-Jerome Unified School District, has been working alongside Principal Steve Doerksen in preparation for the upcoming school year. Brown was hired in mid-April for a two-year contract with the district.

The hiring was a leap in a different direction for the district, as the principal role was split into both principal and superintendent positions. Brown says that his working dynamic with Doerkson is a positive one.

“Steve’s been wonderful at giving me the historical perspective on a lot of different things. I feel like he and I have had a really good connection and philosophically we’re on the same page,” said Brown. “As a matter of fact I’m working with Christy Ashton, our business manager, and I already feel like we’ve got a great team approach.”

Doerksen shared Brown’s sentiments. “We’re going to make a great team. We’re collaborative in our efforts,” Doerksen said. “He has shown a priority for students’ academic trends.”

One month into his new role, Brown says he has not faced any challenges yet.

Brown’s previous role at Humboldt Unified School district has set a lot of the framework to his approach as superintendent.

“We really took a systems approach to curriculum, instruction, interventions, and assessment – those four key academic areas. So I’m really hoping that I can involve the staff in those particular areas,” Brown said. “This year I’m going to focus on really observing, listening, and surveying the staff, the parents. What are those needs that need to be met throughout the school year?”

As far as upcoming projects, Brown said he and Erin Mabery of Buena Vista were looking into possibly bringing back the after-school program.

In his free time, Brown and his family enjoy camping, sports and outdoor activities. Originally from a small Indiana town, he has lived in Arizona for about 20 years.

“I’ve heard great things about the staff so I’m really looking forward to diving in and working with those folks,” Brown said.

Teachers will begin orientation Monday.

The Jerome-Clarkdale School semester begins Aug. 3.