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Verde Heritage 1920: OAK CREEK RESORT

"John Hurst, whose fame as an apple grower is nation wide, has given the people of the Verde district such a resort as they have never had before."

"Swimming, hunting, strawberries fresh from the patch, milk and cream fresh from the cows, are some of the attractions of Hurst Lake, which will be thrown open to the public next Sunday."

"Hurst Lake is in Oak Creek, just below the Page crossing and alongside the Hurst farm, much of which was washed away last winter. It is formed by the construction of a brush dam at the new head of the John Lee ditch. This dam has backed up the water of Oak Creek fully half a mile. The average depth of the lake is 6 to 10 feet and its average width is at least 50 yards. Most of the bottom is sandy. In short, it is an ideal swimming hole."

"'THE GROVE:' Right at the lower end of the lake and on the east side is a goodly slice of the Hurst orchard, now known as the 'grove.' Here Hurst has placed tables for picnic parties, swings, and a change house for bathers. Close by he has arranged a wading pool for the kiddies too small to go swimming. And, oh, yes! On the bank of the lake is a springboard just like the boys fixed at the ol' swimmin' hole back home."

"SUNDAY'S PROGRAM: On the grounds next Sunday the Hursts and their neighbors will serve strawberries from the Hurst garden, milk and cream from the Hurst cows, ice cream from Clarkdale and soft drinks from Jerome. Then there will be coffee and sandwiches and numerous other things good to eat and drink."

"A charge of 25 cents a head will be made for admittance to the grove. This entitles one to the use of the change house. No extra charge will be made for the tables that have been placed for picnickers."

"All that one will need to enjoy himself thoroughly at Hurst's Lake next Sunday is a bathing suit and a towel. Those appurtenances to a seaside resort will not be provided."

"Within a hundred miles of Jerome there is nothing like Hurst's Lake and preparations are being made to entertain a record crowd on Sunday, the opening day."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 28, 1920; page 1.)

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