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"Thousands of Mexicans who have illegally entered the United States through Arizona-Mexico border ports of entry and are now residents in Arizona, will be returned to their native land by the United States immigration department when the recently enacted laws of Congress become effective July 1, according to R. C. White, Assistant Secretary of Labor, who arrived in Arizona last night. The new laws will have the same result in Texas, New Mexico and California, and to a lesser degree in many interior states, reaching as far back as Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the secretary stated."

"Assistant Secretary White arrived in Phoenix en route to southern California from El Paso where he spent the first 3 days of the week in attendance upon a conference of immigration and border patrol executives of the territory extending from the Florida coast to southern California. The conference was two-fold, he stated, in that the executives conferred upon the campaign of deportation to follow the effectiveness of the new laws and at the same time discussed at length the problem of seasonal labor situation of the states along the Mexican border and adjacent territory."

"LARGE FORCE: While the enforcement of the new immigration and naturalization laws will doubtless be speedily and adequately carried out by the immigration authorities and the border patrol, the assistant secretary said, it will require a materially augmented force to accomplish that object."

"This, however, has been adequately provided for in the budget provided by Congress in connection with the new laws and will soon result in increasing immigration and border patrol forces although not necessarily calling for the creation of additional executives or establishing further ports of entry."

"The present ports of Phoenix, Globe, Tucson, Douglas, and Nogales in Arizona, the port of Albuquerque and border ports of New Mexico and the Texas port of entry of El Paso will remain unchanged, it was stated."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 31, 1929; page 1.)


"Carrying out the announced policy of the United States Immigration Department to rid Arizona and other states bordering on Mexico of the immoral and criminal class of aliens now infesting these states, Samuel T. Wright, Immigration Inspector for the Phoenix sub-station territory has launched a campaign against alien undesirables."

"Exhaustive surveys made by his staff show that a majority of immoral houses and other places where the lawless congregate are operated by aliens with no legal right to remain within the United States, Wright said. These undesirables are being deported as rapidly as evidence sufficient to warrant action can be secured and properly presented."

"Investigations were begun in 98 of these cases during May, it was stated. The inspectors are gradually securing evidence to deport the immoral and criminal aliens, say officials. Inspector Wright's territory includes Maricopa, Yavapai, Coconino, Mohave, and Navajo counties and a part of Pinal and Yuma counties, making the process of securing evidence to overcome technical activities by attorneys a slow one, it was stated."

"Seven warrants of arrest were issued as a result of investigations last month; seven other hearings were held, resulting in two deportations to Mexico, two other aliens being placed under $1,000 bond for further action, and the issuing of warrants for two Mexicans now serving sentences in the Arizona state prison and who will be deported at the expiration of their penitentiary sentences."

"In addition to criminal activities and routine operations of the Phoenix sub-station, non-criminal services of the office extend as far as San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and other distant cities."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, June 7, 1929; page 1.)

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