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Coaches’ Corner: young wrestlers shine at Weekend Wars tourney

On May 27th, 2017 the New Breed Wrestling team again hosted its Weekend Wars Wrestling Tournament. Many schools and clubs attended from throughout Arizona. In addition, New Mexico and California brought Wrestlers. Many Coaches and parents are grateful that we open our facilities to their children. Camp Verde has one of the most prestigious Wrestling rooms in the State, which is why many come up for the weekend. Along with them they bring tourism dollars to our town.

The leaders produced in our facilities, are outstanding all-around students who through their extraordinary efforts and sheer determination to overcome their difficulties, have emerged as Champions.

The Chagolla Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is committed to nurturing at-risk youth athletes through the sport of wrestling at New Breed. At the Chagolla Foundation, we recognize the value of sports in helping kids to develop a sense of independence and confidence, which promotes a positive self-image. Clearly, the sport of wrestling is an ideal platform from which to instill a sense of personal achievement, as well as to teach the value of teamwork through cooperation and competition.

A great match from Kindergarten had to be Camp Verde’s Josiah Chavez. He wrestled against an extremely tough 1st grader, from Southern Arizona. It was exciting to see these two little kids go at it for three periods. The match kept going back and forth with Coaches and parents from both sides standing and cheering their kids on. In the end Josiah defeated the older and stronger opponent. Josiah’s hard work with his personal Legendary Coach, Uncle Joseph Ogle, everyday after school has paid off for him. Should he continue practicing through the Summer, he will also become one of the best to come out of Camp Verde.

Rhett Uhler, a 1st grader from Camp Verde Elementary defeated everyone in his weight class for 5 wins and no losses. The progress he has made has been incredible. His success is partly due to the advanced technique he is utilizing but mostly a result of his positive attitude, skill and endurance.

He has won most of his matches with a strength of mind that enables a person to meet every challenge with courage. There are now many elementary kids participating in our off-season wrestling which can only produce many future champions.

There are innumerable reasons kids enjoy wrestling and innumerable benefits from participation. However, the ultimate benefit of this form of competition is the ability to meet a challenge and never let it “BEAT YOU!” Mental toughness is the “heart” of an athlete and no sport teaches it better than wrestling. This best describes Cole Wrigley who won 15 matches and lost none. He wins this weeks “Atta Boy Cowboy” award.

There was a time many years ago when high school wrestlers could show up on the first day of practice and go on to turn in a successful season. But those times don’t exist today.

For a team or individual to excel on the prep level, an off-season program is a must. Camp Verde High School coaches are spending every waking minute planning weight training sessions, summer tournaments, practices and tutoring sessions for their athletes. This week we promoted two more wrestlers, Ismael Ruiz and Benji Perez, from rookie status. It is absolutely amazing how much these first year wrestlers have achieved. Their intellectual prowess, attitude and commitment have helped them quickly learn moves that generally take someone two years to attain. They prove that: 1. Winners never quit. 2. That it takes dedication to be on top. 3. That a man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished only when he quits. 4. Attitude is everything. 5. If you maintain your concentration and focus on the task at hand, you will succeed. Their dedication and personal achievements, earn them this week’s outstanding wrestlers.

But our biggest round of applause goes to our sponsors, without them none of this would be possible. Many thanks to Dennis Sterrett, Loretta M. Curran, Eric Jorgensen, Tracy Tudor, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Gabriel Chagolla, Jack Young, Dan Harkins of Harkins Theatres, Jonora Mejia of Verde Valley Ambulance CO, John McReynolds of Babes Roundup, Greg Elmer Bashas’ food store, Camp Verde Bugle, Camp Verde School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Bill Geyer of BG Automotive, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), Rosie Bux of El Dorado Residential Care Home, Jeremy J. Uhler and Denae A. Uhler, The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Dr. Kirk Westervelt, Susan Simbric of Fort Verde Management, Bueler Funeral Homes, Anthony Pugliano the owner of the Sedona Chevron Station, Louis and Irene Rezzonico of Camp Verde feed Store, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Aaron Hancock of, Kelley Gahard of The Old Town Mission, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekend Wars results Saturday 05-27-2017

Racer Uhler – 1st place – 4th grade 65 pounds

Conrad Brady – 3rd place – 8th grade – 165 pounds

Korben Uhler – 2nd place – 9th grade – 135 pounds

Benji Perez – 2nd place – 9th grade – 120 pounds

Brody Townsend – 3rd place – 6th grade – 70 pounds

Ismael Ruiz – 2nd place - 8th grade – 95 pounds

Keene Todacheene – 2nd place – 9th grade – 106 pounds

Allan Abril – 2nd place – 7th grade – 150 pounds

Jordan Zepeda – 3rd place -2nd grade – 68 pounds

Brendon Zepeda 2nd place – 2nd grade – 55 pounds

Ethan Zepeda – 3rd place – 6th grade – 78 pounds

Cole Wrigley – 1st place – 2nd grade – 60 pounds

Alexia Wrigley – 1st place – 5th grade – Girls Division

Rhett Uhler – 1st place 1st grade 50 pounds

Josiah Chavez – 1st place – kindergarten – 40 pounds

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