Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: We have not given up on Clark Memorial Library


Clark Memorial Library lovers wasted no time planning to make lemonade.

Before the minutes of the crucial May 23 Clarkdale Town Council vote not to renew the YC Library Network contract had been posted, Clarkdale Postmaster Jimmy Salmon was arranging to meet with the other CML advocates who had offered their time and cash to keep our library in the F2017-18 budget.

On June 1, 10 undeterred patrons assembled at the old caboose (now Violette’s). Jimmy and his wife Christine were there, of course, as well as Dr. Phil Dirksen, Zana Dirksen, Mary Liggit, David Perrell, Bill Scales, and myself. Also attending were lawyer Sybil Malinowski Melody, who had offered to help save CML after the Council vote, and former LAB Chair John Sherman, who has contested plans for CML since the Library Advisory Board was dissolved.

Although forming a support group for a closing library presented quite a hurdle, those assembled quickly agreed the first order of business was to create a legal entity that could negotiate CML’s future with the Town. Jimmy volunteered to file as statutory agent, and since securing CML’s assets for reopening July of 2018 is paramount, attendees decided the initial filing for non-profit incorporation should be directors only, the least time consuming form.

This agreed, they further decided Friends of Clark Memorial Library was the best name and agreed Jimmy and Christine Salmon, Phil Dirksen, Bill Scales, and John Sherman would serve as its first directors.

Not bad for an initial meeting of folks who barely knew each other. When Jimmy told Mayor Von Gausig he’d get right on forming a legal library support group, he meant what he said.

Thanks to all -- e-mailers and snail-mailers and silent-watchers as well as vocal advocates -- who stepped up to the plate! Your continued input kept CML on the page.

Just barely, but your timely support got “…and that the Town won’t make any substantive changes to the building that would obviate its operation as a library this next year…” into the motion to close CML on June 30, 2017.

CML supporters who now want to be part of whatever it takes to reopen our library can contact Jimmy Salmon at (or talk to him when you pick-up your mail).

Therese Hearn


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