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Verde Heritage 1905: JEROME, "Happenings in the Copper City," June 2, 3


"Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ryan, who run the American restaurant, hired a new cook the other day, who turned out to be a bad man, as is evidenced by the following incident. This afternoon he came on duty full and kept getting worse until this afternoon, when Mrs. Ryan went in the kitchen and he ordered her out and informed her that he was running that end of the restaurant business, so Dan Ryan went in to investigate, and they immediately messed it up. The cook had a butcher's knife, and Dan got a rolling pin, and they were having a pleasant little time when Mrs. Ryan came in and took a swipe at the cook with a broom stick, who about this time thought things were getting too warm to be pleasant, so he made a hasty retreat through the back of the kitchen, and has not been seen since."

"NEW LOCOMOTIVES: Two new locomotives have arrived at the junction for the United Verde and Pacific railroad, and will be put into commission in a few days. They are of the latest type and will help to improve the service on the road."

"HE RAN AMUCK: Under Sheriff Neagle returned to Prescott this afternoon with a Mexican named Gonzales, who was sentenced yesterday to serve 30 days in jail for getting gay with a shot gun and threatening to shoot everybody in sight. He was considerably the worse for having drunk too freely of fire water."

"SUSPECT RELEASED: Assistant District Attorney Sam Pattee, who came over to Jerome yesterday on official business, returned to Prescott this afternoon. A man was arrested who was suspected of being implicated in the murder of George Smith, but upon being examined by Mr. Pattee was released."

"A BRUTAL HUSBAND: The Mexican who was arrested on Monday afternoon for threatening his wife's life, had his hearing yesterday, and will have to spend 30 days in jail as a result of his rash act. Officer Hawkins now has two prisoners to feed, one on the outside of the jail, and the other on the inside. The prisoner's shepherd dog followed him to the jail, and there he has remained, never leaving him for a minute. Officer Hawkins feeds him when he feeds his master."

HIGH SCHOOL: "The people here are rejoicing over the fact that Jerome will have a high school this coming term. It is hailed with delight by those who have passed the eighth grade. Professor Scudder will be the principal."

"A CAMPING PARTY: Next Sunday a party consisting of L. M. Coleman and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith, Mrs. Armstrong, and Miss Stella Wagner, will leave Jerome for the Indian Gardens, on a camping trip, which will last 3 or more weeks."

"DEATH OF INFANT: The infant child of C. Gregor, a Mexican, died yesterday of cholera infantum, and was buried this afternoon."

"THE SICK LIST: The three-year-old child of R. L. Wisdom is reported as being very sick. ... Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Lyons are very much worried today about their little three-year-old daughter, who is, they fear, very ill. ... H. Lyons is laid up with stomach trouble."

OLD TIMER: "Jim Moran, an old timer in Jerome, who has been working down in Cananea, Mexico, returned to Jerome Sunday. He reports that the United States is good enough for him and that Cananea is about the worst ever."

"RECOVERED HER HORSES: Mrs. J. B. McAlister and Mrs. Stopen spent yesterday on the river. The latter went in search of some horses, which had strayed away. She was very fortunate in being in time to get the horses, for there is the usual rodeo going on. This is the taking of everything in sight, which runs loose, and all are driven in a herd to Flagstaff, where there is now a buyer. These horses are shipped and sold, so that when a horse gets in the bunch he is practically gone, for one can hardly afford the expense attached to such a case."

NEW MACHINERY: "The Cleopatra Copper Co. has received a lot of machinery for the mine, and in a few days will have the compressed air plant in operation again, which will enable them to work a great deal faster with the compressed air drill than has been possible to do when working drills by hand."

"W. D. Woolwine, of Los Angeles, Cal., is registered at the Connor hotel. Mr. Woolwine was at one time extensively interested in mining in the Jerome district, and is here at present in connection with some properties in which he is interested. He is now in the banking business in the above named city."

"AN ENJOYABLE SOCIAL: The social given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church was enjoyed by a crowded house. ... The refreshments, consisting of strawberries and cream and ice cream and cakes of many varieties, were much enjoyed by all present."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; June 7, 1905; page 7; for May 30, June 2, June 3.)

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