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Coaches' corner: Hard working New Breed wrestlers learn to adapt

The kids learn to improvise, adapt and overcome all obstacles. No longer strangers to pain, they have emerged victorious. This is a direct result of steady hard work, proper attitude and parental support. The end result is a force working in unison. A force to be reckon with. They are a team on a mission, commanding respect, domineering their adversaries and emerging victorious. This pattern of success is embedded in each of them. They will utilize it in the future when encountering challenges. They will view all problems as an opportunity to prove themselves.

In the rookie division, Dade Woodward made his debut. One can have success without working hard, but one cannot reach their full potential unless they find the desire and dedication needed to become a hard worker. This truly describes this young man. Although this is his first tourney, he has overcome the lack of experience with a hard work ethic. He has shown steady improvement each and every day. He also has great balance, core strength and quickness. With champion-like qualities of courage, fortitude, determination, tenacity and perseverance, he proved that if you dedicate yourself and work hard, you will succeed. He make us very proud and earn this week’s, “Most Improved Award”.

Brody Townsend emerges with his 105th match for the off-season this past Saturday. He is well on his way towards achieving his goal of 200 matches. It is breath taking when we look back and see the enormous challenges he has overcome. His talents and abilities have become aroused. He is bold, perceptive and prideful. Against tremendous odds he carries himself as a young man of high integrity and morals. With a high drive ever pushing forward, his philosophies, knowledge, expertise, and abilities now coincide with his role in taking part in the future leadership of this world.

Tristan Black puts forth a spectacular performance. The energy expended in a short three minutes of wrestling can be compared to that of a marathon runner or a distance swimmer. Take the physical demand, the need for strength and speed, the mental pressure to win, and add to that the threat of collision and physical combat, and it becomes readily apparent that wrestling is truly a very demanding sport. It is no surprise that wrestling breeds confidence and self-discipline. The mental strain and pressure in wrestling is tremendous and this contributes greatly to the attrition rate on wrestling squads. When a wrestler is on the mat, he is alone and in front of all spectators. If he makes one mistake, there is no one to hide behind, and one mistake can spell disaster. Many shrink away from this type of individual responsibility and pressure, but not Tristan Black who went undefeated this weekend. This young man makes many sacrifices to achieve his goals and we are extremely proud of him.

Once again Champion, Josiah Williams clinched the title at the 40 pound weight class. He is quickly becoming a favorite to come watch as he defeats veteran competition. He usually starts out slow, falls behind, but comes back with a vengeance before the match ends. Tenacity is what this young man has. Most kids would run for their life from such challenges but not little Josiah. During the summer he has been practicing with kids older and stronger than himself and it paid off on this day. He has learned that fear is a barrier. It comes between you and success. He has learned to face it. Not allow it to overwhelm him but rather to embrace it and overcome. Only then will you be at peace with yourself. Only then can you achieve your full potential.

Alan Abril also put on an exceptional show winning 6 matches. Alan is one of the finest young men I have ever coached. He has the seeds of greatness within him. He may not be the greatest wrestler I have ever coached but that’s not what I am looking for these days. He is talented, dedicated, reasoned and focused. Indeed, it is a pleasure to watch him wrestle and a delight to watch him improve daily but more so than that, he has been an inspiration because of his emphasis on value and people. He is organized, meticulous, prudent, principled, yet flexible. He bends with pressures without deviating from the mission assigned him. He doesn’t procrastinate. He readily invests energy and initiative into not only personal growth but those of his peers. He exemplifies personal drive, integrity and epitomizes the supreme ascent of the Camp Verde wrestling tradition. His work ethics earn him this week’s “Most Valuable Player Award”.

It is important that we as a community collaborate to provide an opportunity for students who need to be inspired and encouraged such as those who may be struggling academically, with personal issues or home and family issues. Students who do not participate in our program lose valuable instructional time, opportunities for learning critical academic skills, lack marketable skills for career choices, and miss out coming together with individuals from various races, economic backgrounds, and academic achievement levels. It is our objective to keep kids in school, provide academic assistance, increase kids self-responsibility, build their self-esteem, provide appropriate male role models, praise good behaviors, assist them in establishing goals, teach them to improvise, adapt, and overcome challenges.

But our biggest round of applause goes to our sponsors, without them none of this would be possible. Many thanks to Dennis Sterrett, Loretta M. Curran, Eric Jorgensen, Tracy Tudor, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Gabriel Chagolla, Jack Young, Dan Harkins of Harkins Theatres, Jonora Mejia of Verde Valley Ambulance CO, John McReynolds of Babes Roundup, Greg Elmer Bashas’ food store, Camp Verde Bugle, Camp Verde School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Bill Geyer of BG Automotive, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), Rosie Bux of El Dorado Residential Care Home, Jeremy J. Uhler and Denae A. Uhler, The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Dr. Kirk Westervelt, Susan Simbric of Fort Verde Management, Bueler Funeral Homes, Anthony Pugliano the owner of the Sedona Chevron Station, Louis and Irene Rezzonico of Camp Verde feed Store, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Aaron Hancock of, Kelley Gahard of The Old Town Mission, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekend Wars results Saturday 06-10-2017

Racer Uhler – 2nd place – 4th grade 65 pounds

Tristan Black – 3rd place – 6th grade – 80 pounds

Conrad Brady – 3rd place – 8th grade – 165 pounds

Brody Townsend – 1st place – 6th grade – 70 pounds

Keene Todacheene – 2nd place – 9th grade – 106 pounds

Alan Abril – 1st place – 7th grade – 150 pounds

Jordan Zepeda – 2nd place -2nd grade – 68 pounds

Brendon Zepeda 2nd place – 2nd grade – 55 pounds

Ethan Zepeda – 3rd place – 6th grade – 78 pounds

Julian Zepeda – 3rd place – 2nd grade – 55 pounds

Cole Wrigley – 2nd place – 2nd grade – 60 pounds

Alexia Wrigley – 1st place – 5th grade – Girls Division

Rhett Uhler – 2nd place 1st grade 50 pounds

Josiah Chavez – 1st place – kindergarten – 40 pounds

Christopher Trentelman – 2nd place – 7th grade – 110 pounds

Angel Zavalza – 4th place – 7th grade 110 pounds

Dade Woodward – 3rd place – 9th grade – 110 pounds

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