Tue, Sept. 17

Letter: Barbecue was a service to patients and staff at Prescott VA Hospital


I was extremely disheartened to read your editorial of June 10 regarding the recent contribution by the City of Cottonwood to the American Legion Riders.

The inference in your editorial was that monies were donated to the Legion Riders so “we” could have a BBQ. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the description of this donation was totally misleading.

Every year the American Legion Riders from District 8 (which includes ALR Chapters in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Humboldt-Dewey, Camp Verde and Cottonwood) spends hundreds of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours to put together a BBQ at the Prescott Veterans Administration Center for the patients and staff at the Prescott VA.

This is done for the benefit of the patients and staff - and at no cost to the patients and staff - to thank the patients for their service to our nation, and to thank the staff for taking care of our patients. In addition to requesting contributions from various entities to accomplish this each year, each ALR Chapter also contributes money towards the cost of this annual event - as well as hundreds of hours of volunteer time. So, to alleviate your concerns about the City of Cottonwood donating money for the Legion Riders to have a BBQ, they are not; it is not our BBQ; it is not our picnic; this is done solely for the benefit of our patients [all veterans] at the Prescott VA and the VA staff. I just find it unfortunate that the Verde Valley News apparently would just like to ignore our veterans who are infirm and ill at the Prescott VA.

John Moffitt

American Legion Riders National Advisory Committee

Chairman, American Legion Riders, Department of Arizona (AZALR)

Assistant State Captain, PGR (Patriot Guard Riders)

Judge Advocate, District 8, American Legion, Dep’t of Arizona

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