Mon, Oct. 21

Letter: Barbecue, picnic for veterans at VA Hospital is money well spent


This is in response to Mr. Engler’s editorial regarding donations made by the City of Cottonwood. In the list of donations he included a $200 donation to the American Legion Riders for a picnic and barbecue.

I agree that to donate to a motorcycle group, even one made of veterans, for a barbecue should not be a priority, however, if you are going to rile up the public against this donation, at least get your facts straight.

Yes the money went towards a barbecue, but the barbecue was not for the ALR. The barbecue was being sponsored and put on by the ALR ( American Legion Riders). The beneficiaries of the barbecue were the patients at the VA hospital in Prescott.

The barbecue is put on by the ALR with many donated hours of work and money provided by the ALR.

This is a barbecue that we put on once a year in hopes of letting our veterans who are patients at the hospital know that we appreciate and honor their service to our country. Many of these veterans have no family and all have been forgotten by the majority of the public. The ALR members who help prepare, serve, and visit with the patients, pay for their own meals.

So Mr. Engler, it is not the American Legion Riders that benefit from the donation, it is the patients, all of whom are veterans.

If you believe that these men and women, who have served their country, are not worth a $200 donation, by all means stir the pot. But please be sure to include the correct information when dishing it out to the public.

Kitty McDowell

Assistant director of ALR 93, Camp Verde

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