Fri, July 19

Sedona Pathways, Our Daily Journey: June 21, 2017

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

I took this shot of Kendrick Mountain on October 1st of 2016 and it was a beautiful day to get the fall colors on the eastern slopes; all across the eastern facing slopes you can see the downed and dead timber left from the Pumpkin Fire, years ago. The USFS is burning this downed and concentrated fuel, from the top down in order to remove it from the landscape; many of the dead trees are still standing and they pose a threat to anyone in the area because they could come down anytime. I’m sincerely hoping that the fires they are igniting do not also take out the trees or the leaves on the trees that produce these beautiful fall colors too … we’ll see come fall.

In the background top the right side of Kendrick are two other mountains in the lineup; first is Sitgreaves Mountain and behind that Bill Williams Mountain. Behind me to the east are the San Francisco Peaks which were also dressed in beautiful fall colors. Fall … cool weather to look forward to. Think we hit 108F in the Village today and hotter tomorrow. Other than an outing with One after 7PM tonight I explored the great indoors all day; finished another audiobook “The Litigators” by Grisham and thoroughly enjoyed it. Started another book tonight and am pondering a flight first thing in the morning before it heats up. I do love cool :+) Kinda fun to wake up late (6:30) and then just relax, listen to a book and infuse espresso. I’m convincing myself I think … espresso and relaxation.

Stay cool … smile and enjoy the day … help someone else enjoy it too.


So each one to his wish, and as for me,

I sit tonight and wait

To find the answers to my soul in me,

And in the beauty of the sky and sea.

Max Ehrmann