Mon, Feb. 24

Clarkdale OK’s land lease for cell tower

CLARKDALE -- The Clarkdale Town Council Tuesday approved the land lease for a wireless communications facility.

The Conditional Use Permit for the 199-foot cell tower was approved by the Council back in February of 2016. SBA Towers XI and the Town of Clarkdale had been in negotiations for a land lease on town-owned property at 555 Miller Road.

Adjusting business license fees

The Council approved to eliminate the tiered fee for business licenses. A business license cost a reduced price of $15 January through June, the second half of the fiscal year, while it cost $30 July through December. Staff provided the reason for the proposed change was by eliminating the tiered fee, the system for filing for a license would become more streamlined. Businesses will now pay an equal amount of $30 year-round.

Club facilities use agreement

The Council approved the contract agreement for the Lions Club, Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum (CHSM) and Made in Clarkdale’s use of Clarkdale-owned facilities at reduced rates.

The contract will provide to the clubs a vendor booth at no additional charge.

CHSM will continue to utilize the 2-story Clarkdale-owned facility at 900 First North Street, where CHSM is currently located. In return, CHSM will conduct regular events centered on the heritage of Clarkdale and have a museum open to the public.

Personnel Policy Agreement

Under Prop. 206, eligible employers must provide paid sick time starting July 1, 2017. According to the agenda, Clarkdale has historically offered paid sick time but compliance with the law requires the town to change the existing policy to meet all stipulations imposed by the new law.

Some of the major changes approved by the Council include updating the Equal Opportunity Employer verbiage and the inclusion of a donated paid time off section.

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