Tue, July 16

Commentary: We all have duty to confront crisis of leadership in America

Everything seems different now …

We have a crisis of leadership in America: a crisis of character and a lack of dignity.

What went wrong?

• Wisdom is not valued. Leaders are not looking (focusing) on the big picture. The result: they are not seeing the big picture.

• Our “leaders” lack vision. When vision is lacking the country loses direction.

• These lacks in leadership have helped create a “crisis of fear,” which leads to a “crisis of hope.”

• Hope is the bridge to the future. When hope is lacking “the people” are at risk of becoming sluggish, apathetic, and dysfunctional leading to despair. Others take what appears to be the easy route. Blind trust: trusting those who are not worthy of trust.

In order for these “leaders” to control their followers, they pick an enemy to blame. Those who follow the “leader” are told that anger and domination is power. The followers feel a sense of belonging, united in their blame of “the other”. Entitlement expands and those being manipulated become angrier. Some become delusional – even allow themselves to be manipulated by Conspiracy Theorists. Fear of “the other” grows. Some stockpile guns hoping the guns will make them feel safe. They wait, even yearn for the fight. The danger: “what we focus on expands”. “Form follows function.” What are these followers going to create?

A Sad and Alarming Truth:

Trust has been violated. Without trust, we can’t patch, fix, or cure what is broken. The exposures are evident, we can’t cover up or deny our reality any longer. The truth is before us. The dream of our Forefathers has been polluted. It has been manipulated, distorted and tarnished. Our very foundation is crumbling. The sorrow comes when we realize that our Forefathers dream is at risk.

I would like to make a suggestion to those who blame government: The government is not to blame.

Elected “Leaders” have not (function) demonstrated “Power with Responsibility” within the government (form).

The question:

Are we on the brink of disaster, or are we on the verge of creating something new?

I imagine: enough “leaders” are receiving feedback and fallout from the disingenuous choices and decisions they have made. Some of these “leaders” have-or-will soon “see” the error of their ways. Once recognition sets in, the opportunity to change is available. The opportunity to:

Recognize where they have fallen short

Acknowledge the harm their distorted focus has caused.

Forgiveness: Once their negative impact is acknowledged, the opportunity for self forgiveness is available.

Change: Once forgiveness has occurred, sustainable change is possible. The lesson: “will without love breeds tyranny.”

Having narrowly escaped the throws of tyranny, these forgiven leaders are able to identify temptation. They remember previous mistakes. Minute by minute, when presented with temptation, authentic leaders choose to be honorable. (even when no one is looking.) They build trust. They become strong, courageous leaders rather than obsolete greedy manipulators.

This article focuses on political leadership. However, the same concept applies to “disingenuous leaders” from banking, media, large corporations-etc-and even conspiracy theorists. In each, the same societal defect is evident: The Lack of Dignity and a Crisis of Character.

Though complex, stated simply: the lack of “Power with Responsibility.”

As Leonard Cohen sang: “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.”

Well, it’s pretty obvious; The United States of America has a colossal crack in our Forefather’s Dream.

As sorrowful and demoralizing as this challenge is, we will claim our inheritance from our Forefathers. We are inspired by their creativity, innovative spirits and the courage they demonstrated by manifesting their dreams.

“We the people” can see the crack ‘disingenuous leadership’ has created in our democracy. We will not allow these charlatans to continue dimming the light of truth. Truth will not be extinguished because the flame of our Forefathers is burning brightly in our hearts. We are the “United” States of America. “We the People” are building an unstoppable momentum from sea to shining sea. And, when the going gets tough, hope will keep us walking over the bridge, toward our future of choice. Inspired by our Forefathers drive, passion and innovation -- we will continue marching over the bridge to a future that “we the people” are participating in creating.

So again: The Question: Are we on the brink of disaster, or are we on the verge of creating something new?

Basic truths:

• Each of us creates our own reality.

• In time, goodness and truth prevails!

• “Will without Love breeds tyranny.”

• “Will with Love sustains success”

All are invited to hop onboard the “Love with Will Train!” And, everyone is always welcomed!

Clarkdale resident Gretchen E. Vorbeckis the founder of We Value Our Teachers Foundation,