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Yavapai College will soon be building a $9 million soccer complex on the Prescott campus if approved by the Board. Meanwhile, the college staff and faculty are having their budgets cut! This building frenzy which includes a Allied Health Building and large lecture hall will cost approximately $40 million as proposed by the college administration to the District Governing Board.

The soccer field complex, across the street from the $1.5 million ennis center, will house the nationally recognized Yavapai College Soccer Team which fields young men from out of county, out of state and, sometimes, even out of nation.

Does this action fit the college’s mission? Are the diverse populations of Yavapai County benefiting from this decision? Certainly the needs of the far flung Verde Valley for post secondary education and career training are not even considered.

Verde Valley leadership is poised to create and run an independent administration college here. Our Verde Valley Community College would focus on the needs here and spend our tax dollars on our citizens in the valley for this education and training.

Yavapai College faculty and staff are looking at budget cuts for all departments despite the annual excess revenues reaching up to $8 million or more annually. The board voted (4 to 1) in March on increasing tuition in the face of declining enrollment and excess revenues! What can we do?

Attend the Yavapai College District Governing Board meeting to be held at the Verde Campus, M 137, Tuesday, March 7, 2017,1 pm. Share your ideas with the board at the Call to the Public as the budget is to be discussed at this meeting and voted on in April. Helping the board understand the lack of equity and accessibility for our citizens here will hopefully divert this educational set back for the 80,000 Verde Valley residents.

The faculty and staff were told not to answer any questions the citizens might ask of the college but rather direct those questions to the President’s Office. The questions I would ask are; “Anyone for tennis?” “How about soccer?” Or, “ How about establishing the Verde Valley Community College now ?!”

Ruth Marie Wicks


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