Sat, Nov. 16

Letter: When will power brokers decide enough is enough with President Trump


Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, but he has his die hard fans who support him no matter how erratic he behaves. After all, at one of his campaign speeches he said he could shoot someone and his fans would still support him. He’s right.

Trump has been so easy to research. His entire career is either on video or audio tapes. They show his questionable business dealings, some questionable people he socializes with and his distasteful remarks throughout the years. But, his fans still adore him.

Even his fans, though, should be concerned about all the money we tax payers are handing out for his and his family’s homes, travels and secret service personnel. Check out the comparison of the amount of money we paid out in just his first month to all of the other Presidents in their four or eight year terms. You will be astonished.

Trump’s tweet about President Obama ordering a wiretap for Trump Tower during the campaign shows his lack of knowledge of how our government works. A wiretap has to be ordered by the FBI or Justice Department and approved by a federal judge. The FBI says this was not done. Trump doesn’t seem to need any facts when he tweets. His allegations, though, will hurt only himself.

The Republicans in Congress will eventually get fed up with trying to bail him out continuously. They will have to decide when enough is enough.

Cindy Harms


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