Mon, Feb. 17

Editorial: Majority rule is just that, not just when you are in majority

One of the toughest tasks for those who serve on elected school boards and town councils is how to handle coming up on the short end of a vote.

Especially those that are highly contentious in which emotions run high.

Human nature being what it is, the natural inclination for many is to stick to your guns and fight what is believed to be the good fight.

In Cottonwood, for example, there is a divisive difference of opinion among members of the city council over having Thunder Valley Rally in Old Town. While that decision is bound to rankle those on the short end of the vote, they need to remember that they agreed to serve on a group that believes in majority rule. The majority vote on TVR is clear, and now it’s up to the entire city council and staff – whether you agree with the decision or not – to make the 2017 TVR event a success.

The same situation exists in Camp Verde concerning a four- or five-day school week. The school board voted 3-2 last month to continue forward with a four-day school week, and it was a decision that paralleled the community sentiment expressed in public meetings.

This past week, the school board took that decision a step further by deciding the buy-in on the four-day school week needs to be for several years to ensure its best opportunity for success.

Unfortunately, this step in the process met with narrow 3-2 approval that followed the same voting lines from the original decision. That’s not helping matters, or sending the message that the school board is committed to making the four-day school week work.

Instead, it sends the message that two board members are intent on getting their way.

Like Thunder Valley Rally, the four- vs. five-day school week in Camp Verde has been fully vetted. In both cases the subject matter was controversial, and in both cases there was a split vote on the matter.

The job now for those on the short end of the vote is to get over it and move forward.

Your job is to dutifully carry out the mandates of majority rule – even when you are not in the majority.

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