Wed, June 26

Letter: What’s next for Clarkdale, a book burning in the town park


The Mayor’s holding up a cell phone in a council meeting, suggesting that it replaces a library since one can find anything one needs on it, seems to indicate that he must have never done serious research.

Unfortunately, most academic books and articles are still not available on the Internet and can only be accessed through purchase or high fees–hardly something most Clarkdale residents, particularly our school children, who use the library, can afford.

Because of the interconnectivity of modern libraries, patrons can access academic and other materials at no or little cost through their local library. Yavapai College, for that matter, does not replace a true community library. Its atmosphere is often intimidating to both young and old alike outside the college community.

Directing them instead to go to the Cottonwood library or any other public library in the Verde Valley poses serious access problems for most of them, especially if they do not have any means of transpor tation, and children often depend on their parents for that, or access to public transportation.

Showing movies on shaky screens in the park is no substitute. Seemingly an outdated idea since Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and such offer streaming of movies and rental of DVDs that can be watched within the comfort of one’s own home.

At least seniors can still attend concerts of music from the last century performed in the park. There are not many public ‘safe havens’ anymore for young people. Already, they have been deprived of the swimming pool and now the library... What’s next? A book burning in the park?

Dr. Dieter Bartels

Professor Emeritus

Yavapai College