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Verde Heritage 1895: JEROME LUMBER COMPANY

"This saw mill is located 8 miles from Jerome, upon Mingus Mountain. R. C. Heuston is the manager of the mill. It is reached by a wagon road from Jerome."

"The mill has a 30-horse power engine, which is supplied with steam from a 30-horse power boiler. This power runs a single 54-inch rotary saw, a 16-inch edger, and Sweepstake planer. A blacksmith shop is one of the necessary appendages, in which the company does all their own blacksmithing and wagon repairing. The size of the building is 12 x 40 feet."

"A boarding house for the men is also one of the acquisitions of the company. The size of this building is 10 x 20 feet. The men employed are furnished with a 10 x 40 foot bunk house which accommodates 14 men. Another one of the necessary buildings which they have is a barn 20 x 40 feet, divided into 14 stalls and a hay room holding ten tons of hay."

"The mill and houses are supplied with water from a spring which is situated about 600 feet from the mill."

"At present they have 50,000 feet of lumber cut and about 300 logs. The capacity of the mill is 15,000 feet per day."

"With the additions to be added to the mill, this spring, in the shape of extra machinery, they will be in position to make screen doors, door frames, window frames, and rustic."

"The company hauls their own lumber and have two large lumber wagons and eight horses to use when hauling."

"The lumber yard is to be located in Jerome and G. W. Hull is the resident manager."

(The Jerome Chronicle; Vol. 1. No. 3; Saturday, March 16, 1895.)

"JEROME LUMBER COMPANY --- have commenced hauling lumber yesterday from their saw mill on Mingus Mountain which is now sawing lumber. They have at the mill, now cut 60,000 feet. This will be brought down to their yard in Jerome."

(The Jerome Chronicle; Saturday, April 27, 1895.)

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