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Coaches’ corner: wrestlers impress at Weekend Wars

On Saturday, March 18, 2017 New Breed Wrestling sponsored another tournament. Successful involvement in wrestling demands huge sacrifices from the kids and their families. Some ask, are the sacrifices worth it? Ask that question to our kids attending colleges throughout the United States. Our champions have learned a code of ethics by which to live, to respect the rights of others and to play the game of life as well as the game of athletics. They have won the greatest championship any person could ever win by exploring the fullness and strength that lie within themselves. It has encouraged them to pass through the challenges of that upstream river of life. They now have a desire to excel in all that they do, a motivation to succeed and to pursue the best life can offer.

The dazzling Conrad Brady, is one of Camp Verde’s most athletically gifted wrestler. Possessing impressive speed and power, Conrad nearly always finds himself coming out of each match with the victory. He is a young man who finds himself at home on the mat and no matter the type of match at hand, Conrad is always prepared for battle. I was elated by his superb display of wrestling on Saturday. Such athleticism and sportsmanship is rare in our competitive world.

Korben Uhler is one of the finest young men I have ever coached. He has the seeds of greatness within him. He’s one of those kids that every coach looks for in his lifetime. He is talented, dedicated, reasoned and focused. Indeed, it is a pleasure to watch him wrestle and a delight to watch him improve daily but more so than that, he has been an inspiration because of his emphasis on value and people. He is meticulous, prudent, principled, yet flexible. He bends with pressures without deviating from the mission assigned him. He doesn’t procrastinate. He readily invests energy and initiative into not only personal growth but those of his peers. He exemplifies personal drive, integrity and epitomizes the supreme ascent of the Camp Verde wrestling tradition.

With champion-like qualities of courage, fortitude, determination, tenacity and perseverance, Daniel White proves that if you dedicate yourself and work hard, you will succeed. Weekly he competes against opponents much older and larger than himself and it has paid off in great dividends. He also performs numerous hours of community services. He gives rides home to his peers on the team. If wealth was measured by how much one is loved, appreciated, trusted and respected, Daniel would be a rich man. His hard work ethics, positive attitude, respect and strong commitment empowers those around him. His coaches love and respect him for the fine young man he is.

In the rookie division, Josiah Chavez, gave his first debut. To be victorious one must have courage. The tremendous courage shown by Chavez in his valiant struggle with his fear of combating another opponent is an example to all who face adversity. I was honored to have witness him coming out of his cocoon and emerging victorious and brave. Courage is developed by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. Anyone who has competed in wrestling can tell you that the first step is always the hardest. Standing there all alone without momma, poppa or anyone by your side to help you do battle is overwhelming. You come face to face with your own demons of fear, doubt, exhaustion and that unrelenting voice that tells you to run for your life or hide. His efforts earn him this weeks’ “Atta Boy Cowboy Award”.

In the Middle school division, Joey Zepeda and Ethan Zepeda both went undefeated. Experiencing zero loses in the middle school division, without fear Joey bumped up to the High School division to get tougher competition as preparation for next year. These boys took on a systematic approach and worked hard on their own time to develop their weaknesses. One cannot help but admire their personal growth. These boys will go far in life because they are willing to do what it takes to become a champion. They are improving in leaps and bounds. Their dedication will pay-off this coming season. My congratulations to these boys for achieving this weeks’ most improved.

Angel Savalza is not the largest wrestler on the mat but he definitely does not grapple small.  He has explosive speed, balance, and is tough as nails.  He has always been a very physical wrestler.  He may not be as “polished” as some of the other middle school veterans but he possesses all the advance skills and technique required to succeed.  His work ethic, competitiveness, leadership, unselfishness and willingness to compete against the best and get his nose dirty to gain wrestling savvy makes him a top future candidate for a state championship.

Racer Uhler and Rhett Uhler also went undefeated. Champions focus on consistent preparation and performance and know that all outcomes and results are natural by-products of strong commitments to a thorough, intense work ethic. In the words of philosopher Aristotle, “we are what we consistently commit to doing”. Champions believe in themselves and display a strong desire to do whatever it takes to get it done. This best describes these boys. Besides that these boys are the younger brothers of the Phenomenal Uhler State Champions. Racer and Rhett will accomplish far greater feats because of the love and attention their older brother’s give them.

Many thanks to Dennis Sterrett, Tracy Tudor, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Gabriel Chagolla, Camp Verde Journal, Charlie from Sol-Air, Jack Young, Marion Manning, Dan Harkins of Harkins Theatres, Jonora Mejia of Verde Valley Ambulance CO, John McReynolds of Babes Roundup, Greg Elmer Bashas’ food store, Camp Verde Bugle, Camp Verde School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Bill Geyer of BG Automotive, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), Rosie Bux of El Dorado Residential Care Home, Jeremy J. Uhler and Denae A. Uhler, The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Dr. Kirk Westervelt, Susan Simbric of Fort Verde Management, Bueler Funeral Homes, Anthony Pugliano the owner of the Sedona Chevron Station, Louis and Irene Rezzonico of Camp Verde feed Store, Walmart, Aaron Hancock of, Kelley Gahard of The Old Town Mission, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekend Wars results Saturday 03-18-2017

Rhett Uhler – 1st place 1st grade 52 pounds

Angel Zavalza – 1st place – 7th grade 100 pounds

Racer Uhler – 1st place – 4th grade 65 pounds

Conrad Brady – 1st place – 8th grade – 165 pounds

Ethan Zepeda – 1st place – 6th grade – 78 pounds

Joey Zepeda – 1st place – 8th grade – 154 pounds

Korben Uhler – 1st place – 9th grade – 135 pounds

Hayden Uhler – 1st place – 12th grade – 150 pounds

Teagan Pomeroy – 4th place – 4th grade 95 pounds

Daniel White – 1st place – 11th grade – 140 pounds

Benji Perez – 4th place – 9th grade – 120 pounds

Adrienne Zepeda - 1st place – 3rd grade - 90 pounds - Girls division

Steven Bahe – 3rd place – 7th grade – 90 pounds

Jordan Zepeda - 3rd place -2nd grade – 68 pounds

Julian Zepeda – 2nd place – 2nd grade -50 pounds

Brendon Zepeda 2nd place – 2nd grade – 55 pounds

Josiah Chavez - 3rd place – kindergarten – 40 pounds

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