Fri, Feb. 21

Letter: Unifying school districts in best interest of students


The issue of school district unification is once again being discussed here in the Verde Valley. It is my belief that it is a long overdue problem needing to be resolved and now is the right time to make it happen.

Aside from the financial savings that will happen as a result of consolidating services, particularly in the administration, the benefits to our students is the most important reason to unify the school districts. The alignment and coordination of the curriculum for the unified school district would serve to make the transition from the elementary schools into the high school more successful.

The unified school district would be responsible for coordinating the curriculum goals and objectives for the K-12 district in all subjects rather than just the elementary goals or the high school goals.

There certainly are some issues that will need to be addressed with a unified school district that would include a new district administration and equalizing the teacher’s salary schedules, but it is something that can be done over a period of time by a school board who is determined to do what is in the best interests of our children.

As a past school board member of both the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District and Mingus Union High School District, it has always been my goal to do what is in the best interest of the students and I support the current efforts in unifying the local school districts.

Susan Foley


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