Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Cottonwood events without a financial burden to the city


Recently, the City of Cottonwood elected to continue the Thunder Valley Rally. In making the decision the Council decided to move some of the events to Riverfront Park and keep others in Old Town.

The city will still pony up significant dollars in support of the event.

During the work session, there was no mention of the birding festival that occurs in the spring of each year at Dead Horse State Park.

It is a resounding success by most parameters in filling hotel and motel spaces in Cottonwood and elsewhere as well as local dining establishments. It not only attracts local birding enthusiasts but also birding enthusiasts from beyond the Verde Valley for the multiple-day event. The event is not just in the Cottonwood area but transportation is provided far and wide to see birds in their natural setting.

All this is done without any financial support from the city. Yet, no mention of the Birding Festival was mentioned by any member of the City Council or staff as an example of a good event with attendance locally and distant, and no cost to the city.

There are other events that occur in Cottonwood that appear to be successful without city funding.

Two others that come to mind are the Verde Valley Fair at the Fairgrounds and the Arizona FlyWheelers event at the Fairgrounds. I’m sure the reader of this article could add several more successful events without cost to the city.

In addition, one should not forget the presence of Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood. It is filled most of the spring time with spring breakers and travelers heading back to the northlands. If one is looking to have an event in Cottonwood, spring break might be a good time to have it.

Spring campers and visitors to Cottonwood might appreciate a concert or two of local talent in a gazebo in Riverfront Park.

As soon as the waste water treatment plant is completed, good grass gets planted, and watered, a cement or portable wooden floor in front of the gazebo is added; one has a magic area for low key evening concerts.

So, after all that thinking, it seems that Cottonwood does all right in having events in their city without a burden on city finances, even if a Riverfront gazebo or dance floor is never built.

Bob Richards