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Verde Heritage 1908: CHERRY CREEK; Etta Mine

"A. J. Doran left yesterday for the Etta mine, in the Verde district, to start the preliminary work of getting the camp and mine in shape to resume extensive development operations. Mr. Doran recently secured a bond on the Etta, the equipment of which includes a complete hoisting plant and ten-stamp mill, on the Verde River, 5 miles east of the property. He also took over under option the Olden and Gold Ring groups, in the immediate vicinity of the Etta, both of which are promising gold properties."

"The Etta has a record of production of $200,000 in gold. It is opened by a main working shaft 250 feet deep and by a second shaft 150 feet in depth. In the bottom of the lower levels from both shafts ore bodies are exposed from 6 to 8 feet in thickness, carrying good values in gold."

"Mr. Doran will first get the camp in shape for the accommodation of a large force of miners and will clean out the 150-foot shaft and the levels running on the vein from it. The hoisting plant will be overhauled and put in shape for active operations at once, and later some necessary repairs will be made in the mill to prepare it for a test run of the ores. Sinking will be commenced in the 150-foot shaft as soon as possible and Mr. Doran announced before leaving here yesterday that he intends to push the work and open the vein from the lower levels by drifts and crosscuts."

"The Etta is among the oldest locations in the Verde district. It is situated on the western slope of the Black Hills, 3 miles south of the Copper Chief mine and 12 miles south of Jerome. The Olden and Gold Ring groups have been developed to a considerable extent also. There are some promising gold ore showings in both groups in a number of shafts and short tunnels. The development of these properties will follow when work is well under way in the Etta mine."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; March 25, 1908; page 2.)


"George Merwin, who is in the city from the Etta mine, reports good progress being made in moving the Etta mill from its present location on the Verde River to the mine. Grading for the mill is nearly finished and the dismantled machinery is being delivered on the ground. The force on the mine is not as large as desired by the company owing to the lack of accommodations. A force of mechanics are engaged repairing old buildings on the ground and converting them into bunk houses."

"There is a large tonnage of milling ore of good grade opened in the mine ready to be stopped as soon as the mill is installed."

"New roads are being built connecting the camp with the Camp Verde and Cherry Creek stage road and the camp and other improvements are under way."

"The Etta mine is one of the oldest locations in the Black Hills range. It is located 5 miles west of the Verde River a mile east of the summit of the range and 18 miles south of the United Verde mines at Jerome."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 2, 1908; page 3.)

See: The Verde Independent; "1889: VERDE RIVER DAM; Etta Mill, October 5;" October 5, 2014.

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