Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Criticism of city process sadly lacking in accuracy


Though I am reticent to legitimize many political groups by responding to their smear campaign tactics, I felt it necessary to address Mr. Brian Moran’s letter on 03/29/17.

He is as blissfully ignorant of the evaluation process for contract employees as he is of the appointment process to serve any of the City of Cottonwood Boards and Commissions as well as the appointment process for a City Council position.

First, the City Manager has historically been evaluated in closed door Executive sessions, so Moran’s comments of “automatic raises and glowing reports” are made without the benefit of what happened behind those closed doors. As far as automatic raises, again, this lacks accuracy. And in fact, one year the City Manager chose not to accept a raise at all, in keeping with the pay freeze his employees were experiencing. No other contracted employee made that same decision and sacrifice for their coworkers that year.

Second, all commission members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Their applications are reviewed, and they are often interviewed in council meetings. Historically, those with the most experience have been appointed to the boards and commissions.

Finally, A quick look on the internet and it defines nepotism as: “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” When Linda Norman and I were appointed to the City Council back in June of 2016, we did so through an interview and graded evaluation system wherein current seated council members graded each of the, I believe, 12 applicants.

The City Manager had no involvement in that process. I like to think that my 25 years of experience with the City and its inner workings made me a great candidate to not only serve the citizens City of Cottonwood, but to be able to watchdog for those very activities Mr. Moran is intimating.

I can appreciate legitimate concerns with government operations, and would hope citizens express those concerns directly to the council for investigation and resolution. Anything else is just political posturing.

Kyla Allen

Council Member

City of Cottonwood