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Girl wrestlers shine at Weekend Wars in Camp Verde

Our wrestling program is much more than a wrestling room. It is a classroom of champions and future leaders. It is a place to find inspiration, guidance, and support, as well as special satisfaction. Clearly, the sport of wrestling is an ideal platform from which to instill a sense of personal achievement, as well as to teach the value of teamwork through cooperation and competition.

In the elementary division, Jordan Williams put forth a spectacular performance defeating all challengers at his age/weight class. Jordan is the son of former Champion Wendell Ogle, one of Camp Verde’s past thoroughbreds. Tradition, that’s one of our reasons for success. Jordan is well on his way to becoming our next prodigy. His speed, strength and agility will do him great service throughout his career. Jordan’s desire to improve impresses me. He’s constantly finding ways to try to make himself better. He’s every coach’s dream come true.

In the girls division, Rowan Wolfe, Alexia Wrigley, Marlie Snider, Cynthia Henson, Carter Turner, Sienna Dunegan and Emma Green also went undefeated. Champions focus on consistent preparation and performance and know that all outcomes and results are natural by-products of strong commitments to a thorough, intense work ethic. In the words of philosopher Aristotle, “we are what we consistently commit to doing”. Champions believe in themselves and display a strong desire to do whatever it takes to get it done. This best describes these girl wrestlers, who have become true competitors. These young ladies have endured many obstacles in their lives but have managed to excel despite all of life’s challenges. They have channeled all their energy into wrestling which allows them to accomplish great feats. They exhibit some of the best behaviors of respect for their elders, academic improvement and team work in our room. At a young age, they are to be congratulated on their work ethics and their attitude towards life. They will someday become renowned for having achieved some significant event. No matter what, their future agenda is clearly superior. They will always stand strong willed; they will always rise to the occasion and will always fight a good fight. Another great match had to be Brody Townsend who competed with a “machine” style, fast, strong, powerful, intense and mistake free. His funky defense and outstanding countering skills, makes him a devastating competitor. His style proved too much for his opponents this weekend. Brody’s intensity level and aggressiveness makes him a formidable warrior in any division and in weight classes above his own. He is a young man of courage and motivation. He has been an inspiration to his fellow brothers in New Breed.

The Zepeda boys; Ethan, Brendon, Joey, Julian and Jordan do it once again. These boys have exhibited brotherhood, character, loyalty, sportsmanship and attitude. There’s no doubt the Zepeda’s have been blessed with some talents. Even though they have only been in our program for a short time, their incredible ability and poise under pressure continue to amaze wrestling fans everywhere and will continue to draw more fans to the sport. The Zepeda brother’s possess a highly extraordinary natural ability that allows them to perform at an exceptional level. That coupled with a unique combination of fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power and an unquenchable competitive desire, the Zepeda boy’s prove they will be top contenders when they reach their Middle school years.

Hunter Green, Caiden Wolfe, Teagan Pomeroy, Racer Uhler, Adrian Sanchez, Jared Gordy and Cole Wrigley went undefeated and demonstrated some awesome wrestling performances. Wrestling, is not a sport, it’s a way of life. Wrestling trains them for the rest of their life. It teaches them intensity, focus, discipline, goal setting, determination, perseverance, sacrifice and how to overcome challenges. These are the characteristics they need to be successful on the mat, in school and in the workplace. These are the traits that will help prepare them for whatever life will send their way. Wrestling is something that an individual can accomplish and feel good about themselves after their done. It builds self confidence, they grow, they mature and you can see it throughout the season and their careers - it’s watching boys become men. And it’s one sport that really develops character in the individuals.

The greatest match of the day had to be Korben Uhler, Camp Verde’s Division IV State Champion against Yuma Catholic’s D-IV State runner-up. This match was a repeat of this year’s state finals. Everyone stopped watching the other matches in order to see this highly desired match between these two undefeated off-season Champions. Korben Uhler wrestled the best match of his life. He gave a great show, dominated the match and earned an epic victory. His dedication for the last three months will pay off in huge dividends as he strives to win another State championship this coming year. This young man makes many sacrifices to achieve his goals and I am extremely proud of him.

Another exciting triumph this weekend, was turned in by 106-pounder Keene Todacheene. He found himself locked in the mother of all mat wars. He was challenged by a much larger foe from division 2, who is built solid as a rock. After being tossed and countered at every move by brute strength, Todacheene quickly changed his strategy, utilizing advanced technique and leverage to earn take downs. In the bottom position, his quick speed and agility quickly gave him the reversals needed to place him on top. While on top he dominated and pinned his adversary.

I am more indebted to the people who support us, who took a chance on us. Because of them, many of our kids have achieved new dreams, found new friends and new opportunities. Many thanks to Dennis Sterrett, Loretta M. Curran, Eric Jorgensen, Tracy Tudor, Rudy Galaviz from Flag Tee Factory t shirt, Gabriel Chagolla, Jack Young, Dan Harkins of Harkins Theatres, Jonora Mejia of Verde Valley Ambulance CO, John McReynolds of Babes Roundup, Greg Elmer Bashas’ food store, Camp Verde Bugle, Camp Verde School District, Kim Andrews from Bashas’, Bill Geyer of BG Automotive, Salt River Materials Group (Phoenix Cement), Rosie Bux of El Dorado Residential Care Home, Jeremy J. Uhler and Denae A. Uhler, The Bassous Family from Tierra Verde Builders, Dr. Kirk Westervelt, Susan Simbric of Fort Verde Management, Bueler Funeral Homes, Anthony Pugliano the owner of the Sedona Chevron Station, Louis and Irene Rezzonico of Camp Verde feed Store, Walmart, Aaron Hancock of, Kelley Gahard of The Old Town Mission, Rose Smith of Bob’s Tree and Landscaping, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Weekend Wars results Saturday 04-29-2017

Racer Uhler – 1st place – 4th grade 65 pounds

Conrad Brady – 1st place – 8th grade – 165 pounds

Korben Uhler – 1st place – 9th grade – 135 pounds

Teagan Pomeroy – 1st place – 4th grade 95 pounds

Daniel White – 2nd place – 11th grade – 140 pounds

Benji Perez – 3rd place – 9th grade – 120 pounds

Tristan Black – 3rd place – 6th grade – 80 pounds

Adrian Sanchez – 1st place – 8th grade – 120 pounds

Brody Townsend – 1st place – 6th grade – 70 pounds

Ismael Ruiz – 3rd place - 8th grade – 95 pounds

Jared Gorda – 1st place – 8th grade – 125 pounds

Keene Todacheene – 1st place – 9th grade – 106 pounds

Allan Abril – 2nd place – 7th grade – 150 pounds

Jordan Zepeda – 2nd place -2nd grade – 68 pounds

Julian Zepeda – 2nd place – 2nd grade -50 pounds

Brendon Zepeda 1st place – 2nd grade – 55 pounds

Ethan Zepeda – 2nd place – 6th grade – 78 pounds

Joey Zepeda – 1st place – 8th grade – 154 pounds

Rowan Wolfe – 1st place – 6th grade – Girls Division

Caiden Wolfe - 1st place – 5th grade – 85 pounds

Cole Wrigley – 1st place – 2nd grade – 60 pounds

Alexia Wrigley – 1st place – 5th grade – Girls Division

Marlie Snider – 1st place – 2nd grade – Girls division

Hunter Green – 1st Place – 3rd grade – 65 pounds

Sienna Dunegan – 1st place – 9th grade – Girls division

Ryder Dunegan – 2nd place – Kindergarten – 55 pounds

Emma Green – 1st place – 4th grade – 85 pounds

Cynthia Henson – 1st place – 4th grade – 90 pounds - Girls division

Samuel Williams – 2nd place – 6th grade – 110 pounds

Carter Turner – 1st place – 7th grade – Girls division

Jordan Williams – 1st place – 5th grade – 52 pounds

Logan Johnson – 3rd place- 4th grade – 85 pounds

Avery Hines – 3rd place – 7th grade – 130 pounds

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