Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: FBI Director Comey; Fired at the right time; for the right reasons


Personally; I wanted James Comey fired as soon as he appeared to accept the pass that was handed off to him by Attorney General Loretta Lynch; after her infamous “Tarmac Meeting with former President William Jefferson Clinton” at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

Loretta Lynch stated very plainly; that she would accept whatever decision FBI Director James B. Comey made regarding Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Scandal; then Comey unloaded a litany of “Security Breaches” [Many of which have landed Military Personnel and Government Workers in Fort Leavenworth or Federal Prison and most without any reference to “Intent to Disperse to Anyone”.]; and Comey very cavalierly said that he decided not to charge Hillary Clinton regarding her “Reckless Acts”: Because: “There was no indication of Intent”. [My Opinion: At this point Attorney General Loretta Lynch was as culpable or maybe even more so, than FBI Director Comey. Because the role of the Investigator ‘FBI’ is to present his information to the Prosecutor ‘The Attorney General’, whose role is to determine; whether or not to indict, Lynch Passed to Comey and he (like an idiot) accepted it.]

Then the Anthony Weiner aspect in the case showed-up and Comey had himself caught in a Clintonian Trap, which is designed to help make the Clintons Look good no matter against whom or at what cost; they have been very effective in the past! This one may have exposed a ‘Design Snafu’; maybe we’ll find out before long.

Back to the firing and the timing; President Trump was probably ready to fire Comey as soon as he was inaugurated but he chose to; maybe had to wait until he had the Attorney General situation in place and with the fight over Jeff Sessions he figured it better to hold off. But no leader wants to tell every thought he has especially about a marginal subordinate; so, when asked directly about Comey; ‘he would have to deceive the press’ or they would have been able to cause him even more grief; and I do not see anything wrong in what President Trump did in this case; he waited until Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was in place and asked him (The man that was then and is now the Direct Supervisor of the FBI Director) and Deputy AG Rosenstein evaluated and chose to fire Comey, so he was let go immediately and justifiably. Deputy AG Rosenstein said that the July 5, 2016 statement Comey made about Hillary’s e-mail system was “A textbook example of what federal prosecutors are against and what they are taught not to do.” Rob Rosenstein is considered one of the “Least Political People” in the government today and has stellar credentials.

I firmly believe: Firing FBI Director James B. Comey, was handled perfectly in every aspect.

Dale Gohr


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