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Few funny scenes make ‘Snatched’ somewhat worthwhile



Originally Published: May 15, 2017 8:35 p.m.

A singular pleasure to be derived from this movie is the chance to see Goldie Hawn. The girl who was one of America’s sweethearts is no longer the ingenue type or the all-time cutie pie who dazzles us with her wit and beauty. Goldie Hawn has been absent from the screen for a decade or so. She is older now, but she still has a delightful, charming beauty, with a bubbly personality to match and a winning smile.

Too bad she didn’t choose a better film to use for a ‘comeback’ appearance. The plot of Snatched is not new or fresh or interesting. There are a few funny scenes and perhaps that makes it somewhat worthwhile in this typical low level spring movie season.

Amy Schumer is the main character — Emily. She has been fired from her job as a salesperson in a clothing store because she was spending too much time and attention on her own selections and ignoring customers. Then she is having lunch with her bridegroom-to-be and he announces he doesn’t want to marry her. Emily has purchased two airline tickets to Ecuador for their honeymoon and the fares are non-refundable.

Emily calls every friend she has, asking each to accompany her on the trip to South America. Sorry, Emily — no takers! Emily is devastated and goes to her mother, Linda (Goldie). They haven’t been close and Emily has a lot of hostility towards Linda. After all her efforts to get a traveling companion she decides to take Linda, who is not anxious to leave her home and pet cats. But she goes.

In Ecuador, Emily is approached by a young, tall, handsome man, James (Tom Bateman) who joins her at the bar. They spend time together in the following days and Linda is included. There is every indication that a romance will follow and Emily is ready.

James is driving Emily and Linda on a tour through a jungle village, away from the luxury hotel, when their car is destroyed by collision with a van. Emily and Linda are unconscious and they awaken in a type of prison cell. They are being held for ransom.

The rest of the Snatched is about Emily and Linda trying to escape.   There are some people who try to help them, including two women — Ruth (Wanda Sykes) and her friend, Barb (Joan Cusack). They also come across an American, Roger (Christopher Meloni), who is eager to help. That character provides some of the humor, but he doesn’t get very far in the adventure.

We’re also entertained by Emily’s brother, Jeffrey (Ike Barinholtz), who is a ‘mommy’s boy’ and a nuisance to the authorities.

The gang of kidnappers keep showing up to provide a modicum of suspense. The photography of trekking through the Amazon Jungle is less than convincing. Overall, Snatched is a mediocre film with few redeeming features.

Snatched is at Harkins Sedona 6 Theater.