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Obituary: Curtis Dean Luttrell

Curtis Dean Luttrell 

Curtis Dean Luttrell 1938-2017

Curtis Dean Luttrell: Born January 17, longer ago than he would willingly admit to (1938) and crossed over May 11, 2017, after a long, colorful and at times hard to believe journey.

He was a beloved and dutiful son and grandson, a proud loving and generous, if sometimes demanding father and papa, an amazed, joyous and grateful great grandfather and a beloved husband twice. I will leave it to those who knew him and participated in those earlier relationships to share those feelings.

In the last five years of his life, I, Ruthann Joy, was blessed to have him as a friend, a lover, and for too brief a time, a husband. They were five of the most fun, filling and joyous years of my life. Years I will always remember with a full and grateful heart.

His family knew him as Dean. I knew him as Curtis because when I met him we were both stockers at Wal Mart and that is what his name badge said. His work ethic was incredible, slamming up freight all night like it was easy, two guys half his age working the same aisle on his days off.

He always made time for kind words, to help others and to spin a yarn or two. He was an energy healer and he used that gift to help anyone he saw in pain. When his heart attacks made it impossible for him to keep working, he kept busy with his rock hounding and D.I.Y. projects inside and out.

When cancer struck he took care of his beloved wife Betty, day and night cooking, cleaning and doing all in his power to take away her pain and let her know how much he loved and cherished her.

At her passing, his spirituality deepened even more. The healing work he did became a great passion and his wanderlust kicked in.

The last few years he was with us, he had special spiritual journeys to Hopi Land, Australia where he made deep heart connections with Aboriginal water dancers and to Kauai where he was blessed by a monk, connected with whales and took heart aches and pains away from strangers who became friends.

One of his favorite sayings was “When you walk in the door, you become family.” And he meant it. His home, that became our home, was a safe and happy place where food and kindness was always dished out in extra large portions. He loved to cook. It was a passion we happily shared.

He loved to go to the Old Town Mission and visit with friends and bring his walker basket home full of goodies to prep, cook and share. His beautiful mismatched eyes were so often filled with mischief and just as often with tenderness or passion.

He was a tease and a prankster, but also a wonderful lover and the dearest of friends. He had a deep love of family and friends and was always happy to hear about their joys and accomplishments.

Our life was simple and precious, full of snuggles, kisses, love, laughter and his favorite plenty of back scratches. I miss you Curtis Dean, so much and still talk to you every day. Thank you for every precious moment that we were blessed to share.

For those of you who had Curtis Dean in your life, you may well know of his fondness for Ming House. I will be there the 17th of every month, as long as I am in the area, for their lunch special at noon.

Feel free to stop by and we can share pictures and stories of which he was blessed with so many and we were blessed to be a part of them.

There will be a celebration of life ceremony as well. Contact me at if you want details.

Information provided by survivors.